curb appeal help

J. F.G.
2 months ago

Slowly making changes to our house. We just added the terra cotta roof tiles to the front bump out on the first floor (previously had black shingles) as we are really happy with the difference it made. Also painted the door a contrasting color. The tree on the left is coming down soon according to our neighbor (its on his property) so we will get more sun.

you know how it goes-fix one thing-it looks better but makes the other stuff look bad.

now i'm really unhappy with the plantings at the front of the house. There are two huge bushes that are probably 50 years old and very established. I'll pull them out if i have another better plan but i'm having trouble envisioning what would look best there. we are zone 6b. i was thinking a tall cypress all the way on the right side near the gutter but not sure if it can be so close to the foundation. would bring back the mediterranean/spanish colonial that our house hints at but has lost through the years.

i've also convinced my husband that the red trim has to go. that will hopefully happen next year. i have to mock it up but assuming that we will just do them in white. Open to other suggestions!

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