Help deciding on drapes for living room

27 days ago

I am trying to decide on drapes for my living room. Not really able to find any in the town we live in as it is small so not many choices so will be ordering. Not seeing them in person makes me nervous so hoping you can help. I tried these blue drapes but not happy with them. I think blue is not my color. I probably should pull a color from my rug?

Plus I will be honest and say I am not all that confident in my ability anyway. So here are pictures of my living room, rug pattern and occasional chairs. Walls are going to be painted I just have not decided yet on a color, would kind of like to have some decor in place before making that decision. I will admit I have gone into the deep end of farmhouse type decor but would like to make it a little more upscale than it is because it isn't doing it for me right now. I like my home to have a nice look but feel accessible and comfortable to anyone that comes in.

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