master bathroom layout

M Najafi
29 days ago

Hi there!

We are remodeling the master bathroom in house and would really appreciate some feedback on the layout we came up with. The original bathroom was much smaller, we were able to double it’s size by extending it into the laundry room and moving the laundry in the garage.

The space is 7’ x 16’ with 1 small window on the left by the toilet and 1 door on the right side that opens to the backyard near the hot tub - we would prefer to keep both window and door which will me switched to a glass privacy door to maximize the natural light (not sure if swinging inward or outward)

On thé current layout, the double sink vanity seats on the wall opposite the windows, however I’m just concerned about a back lit effect when looking in the mirror.

We want to have the toilet separated if possible so we though of having it against the left wall with some shelving space on the other side and was thinking of a barn door that could “close” either the toilet or the shelving space.

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