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Marie Tulin
8 months ago
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I have revised this original post.

ThIs path is about 30 feet long from the lawn edge into the small woodland garden. The 'corners' of the path near lawn get strong west sun starting mid July and turn the hostas planted there to toast.

Path is now planted with h.Lemon Lime. It is not working. I

Help me think through what hosta will work better. I thought of a few 'flexible' criteria:

Medium size. Medium to fast growth or "bulk up" Not looking for 'specimens' but what looks good en mass, moderately drought tolerant They will be watered as often as necessary in Year 1. After that, as often as I can manage.

Something that won't burn in the mid-late summer sun, but will do well in light to moderate shade as well

I have about 15 Junes that could make big divisions. I wonder if they will just fade into the background when viewed from across the lawn.

I have several other hostas whose names are lost. But I have enough of each to divide for the path.

As for the Sunny-to-burn corners I think matching planters with full sun annuals or even big grasses would work or again, a hosta with sun-shade tolerance.

Thanks for your ideas.


Path from sun garden into 'woodlands"
and the sad lemon-lime that currently line the path

It is end of season and we're all worn out!

Further down the path, Theres a slight hill and a right turn just after the closest tree

Hostas whose names got lost. I know I had Paul's glory & Stained Glass
I'm partial to this one. Good contrast and in very good shape after a

terrible summer

Below: the one from which I got 25 divisions. I don't feel compelled

to use it on the path.

I also have many Junes



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