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Thankful Oberoi
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I have a microwave wooden cabinet available in my new home - Unvented.

For affordable price and ok looks, which should I pursue - Built in Cabinet or Countertop Microwave?

1) I'm confused how built in microwave vents if I were to push it into a cabinet along with the necessity to have a licensed professional to install it.

2) Lets say I pursue getting a countertop microwave, should I find something that has trim in it - How do I find trim for the microwave I like?

3) Can using trim cause fire hazard since it blocks the space and inlet of air from outside

4) Can anyone please recommend a countertop microwave which has trim kit available.

Here are my cabinet internal dimension:

L - 25.5 inches

H - 21.5 inches

Depth - 19.7 inches

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