Plant Parenting: Grow Lights vs. Cold Window

13 days ago

Hello, fellow plant enthusiasts! Hope you are all enjoying your weekend. I have a question regarding plant lights for you!

I have attached some photos of a setup I rigged with an old IKEA
floor lamp, and some lights I ordered off of Amazon. They are 300 watt equivalent, full-spectrum grow lights.

Originally, I had these plants sitting by a NW facing window. (I am in NJ, where the temperatures are dropping quickly now.) Our apartment gets cold near the windows (I suspect poor insulation). I started thinking about how to keep the plants from getting too cold at night, but still hesitated to move the plants farther away due to the nice light by the window. When I added the supplemental lighting, my husband found the DIY setup to be less than aesthetically pleasing, and hence I moved the setup and plants to an always-warm, windowless room with the artificial lighting to hide the eyesore for the winter.

Do you think that this amount of lighting is sufficient for the plants to grow well despite that I had to remove them from the window? I have included some pictures detailing the bulbs that I bought online. Does anyone feel I need more bulbs, or have any idea to improve my amateur setup? I didn’t keep the plants closer to the bulbs because the bulbs do have built-in fans to keep them from heating up, but I still feel a little warmth about eight inches away, so the highest leaf (of the ruby ficus) is no closer than 12 inches from the light source to prevent burn.

I have found a lot of info online, but they are either so vague or so detailed, or related to cannabis production (lol), and I just wanna grow luscious houseplants! Please help this new plant parent not harm her pretty plants!

Thank you, friends!


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