Install method for 7" wide engineered wood flooring

13 days ago
last modified: 13 days ago

We have a new construction build with Advantech subfloors that are both mechanically and adhesive fastened to the joists over an insulated and conditioned crawl space. We will be DIY installing 7" wide, 9/16" 3-ply engineered T&G flooring (specifically Tesoro Woods Coastal Lowlands Chamois). I know with 7" wide plank boards, the recommendation is to do a glue-assist + nail down method. Going that way, we would not be able to put down an underlayment for vapor barrier/quietness. We could do a liquid underlayment, like Bona R540, but would lose any additional thickness and cushion for presumably quieter, more comfortable floors. Which would take precedence - having the glue assist for stability and less squeaking or having a cushioned underlayment (like Quietwalk, e.g.)?

Tesoro Woods install instructions say glue assist for wider than 7" but the norm I read here is that it should be done for anything over 5". Anyone with personal experience having chosen one route over another? Pros, what would you do?

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