James Hardie Lap Siding - Post Installation Questions on Appearance

Jay Gregory
last year

An exterior contractor just finished installing HardiPlank Smooth Lap Siding on my house, replacing aged wood lap siding (and matching a rear addition that was added to the house 18 years ago with HardiPlank). I have a few observations I'm looking for input on before I approach the contractor.

1. Should any nails be visible? My understanding is that all nailing is done at the top of the board and then covered by the overlap of the board or trim above. I have found several small nails (with their heads buried beneath the surface) placed in visible locations near the bottoms and corners of boards. And occasionally I'll find a short metal wire extending from under a board - what is this wire? See photos attached.

2. The edges are not as sharp as the HardiPlank installed 18 years ago; they are more rounded and

some are eroding or damaged, which is again inconsistent with the older Hardi installation. Can these be repaired or do the boards needs replaced or is some edge wear normal?

3. What am I seeing in the different colors of the boards that can be seen on the side of the house? We did not pick a color for this job, as we were painting after; all boards were to be primed.

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