My modest Orinoco banana harvest

last month

I'm surprised I got any bananas this year, since I didn't fertilize at all, and didn't even water like I should have. 20 edible bananas in all, and the tiny ones are a hand that set late and never developed. These are fatter than my usual bunches, which I attribute to all the rain. I have also never gotten so many sugar spots on the peels before. These were delicious, very sweet. My last harvest, since I'm taking them out this year. If I had somewhere to put them, I'd keep one, but alas, I'm downsizing, so no place for them to go.

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  • sultry_jasmine_nights (Florida 9a)
    18 days ago

    Im glad you got some! I bet tgey will taste good.

    I had 3 edible plants actually mature bananas this year. I think it must be due to the mild winter we had last year. They just took a brief pause then kept growing instead of being froze back.

    My pretty pink velutina bananas produce all summer long one after the other but of course, they are too seedy to eat. The birds enjoy them. I was toying w the idea of feeding some to our pigs so they could plant a nanner forest lol.

    My decorative Zebrina produced fruit for the first time ever..not real impressive but interesting.

    The Namwah actually has a ripening bunch of decent sized bananas that need picked now but they are up so high. I would have to get a ladder :/

    I will have to freeze some if I can get them down.

  • carolb_w_fl_coastal_9b
    18 days ago

    Just now seeing this - wonder why?

    Anyway - congrats 🙂

  • ibarbidahl
    16 days ago

    BOO! My plants have not yet produced which means I won't see harvest until 2021 - if I'm lucky and they don't freeze before that. *pout*

  • Glenn Jones(9b)
    15 days ago

    Those are real good bananas

  • sultry_jasmine_nights (Florida 9a)
    15 days ago
    last modified: 15 days ago

    I went out to check on my banana plant that needed harvest and the whole banana plant had fallen over the garden fence and onto one of my raised beds. At least it was easy to cut down since I could reach it lol. Almost took out dh's Moringa Scorpion pepper

    plant 😅

    Bent up the raised bed trellis pretty good.