Loft studio apartment layout help?

Nick Barfield
2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

Hello, I'm Nick in Shreveport, La. I'm frozen by options when it comes to laying out my studio apartment. It's a loft style with 16-foot ceilings. Any input/encouragement is appreciated, I don't consider myself the aesthetic type. Thanks everyone!

*I have about $4,000 total to work with

*I have no interest in getting a tv

*I won't be having company over

*Necessities include a desk and a minimal daybed/sofa for napping-here's an example of the daybed in mind

Descriptions and photos:

1. Floor plan from apartment's listing (doesn't include the two cement wall details pictured in photos 4 and 5)

2a. View upon entry (boxes to simulate room dividing furniture/bookcase. I think that I want to have a Kallax style open back bookcase closest to the area rug, but unsure of desired height. I stacked boxes higher in photo 7 for an idea)

2b. I wanted to show the space for maybe a little bench upon walking in (where my supplies are on the floor) and my vacuum will probably end up mounted on a wall somewhere)

3. Not sure how but I definitely want to block the view of my fridge from this angle. Maybe the boxes are a medium height piece of furniture with plants on top to block fridge view? Or taller piece next to fridge altogether?

4. Cement detail that I mentioned earlier.

5. And the other cement detail that's in the corner. May put a room divider screen around my prayer kneeler in this corner?

6. My unframed (at the moment) queen bed on the 8x10 rug that took 2 weeks decide upon

7. And here's the taller bookcase etc divider simulation that would be wider than this for sure. I like the idea of a shorter divider with stuff on top but I also like the idea of a taller and more dramatic divider too.

All opinions welcomed and appreciated!


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