Appliance configuration conundrum

4 months ago

Just kicked off a renovation/kitchen expansion. It’s gonna be huge, with an 11-ft island, but there’s really only one full wall available for appliances.

My neighborhood only has electric and we are not doing the propane thing. I definitely want two ovens and would really like induction after hearing so many great things.

I pretty much settled on the Aga Mercury induction 48” range. It’s expensive, and can’t get here for 13 weeks, and I can’t find one in-person anywhere to “kick the tires.” But after trying to configure an induction cooktop and two single wall ovens (not enough wall space for a double oven unless I stack double wall ovens between the refrigerator and cooktop — and I cannot find a way to design that and have it look good. It’s so crowded! Does anyone have advice? I don’t want to put under-counter ovens, or the cooktop, in the island).

But with the Aga route, my designer thinks we need to go with a 48” built-in refrigerator. It’s a HUGE kitchen with a statement range. A regular stand-alone fridge would look dinky and like an afterthought (her words). I found a 48” Monogram at a scratch-and-dent store that is practically spotless, but still costs a pretty penny compared to even the highest end 36” stand alone.

I live in a beautiful neighborhood with custom homes. We plan to be in this house for 20+ years. I don’t want to regret a wonky configuration to save a few pennies (or couple thousand) now. But we are also not made of money.

Do I just spring for the Aga and Monogram? My gut says I won’t regret it but I’m watching our budget like a hawk and am terrified of running out of money due to some unforeseen surprise. Our house was built in the late 80s.

Or do I go with, say, the Frigidaire Professional line with the 66” column fridge/freezer (prob bigger than I need but what a great deal!), induction cooktop (with knobs!), and find a spot for the wall oven? Who has good configuration ideas?

I know it’s a long post and 100% first world problems, especially in 2020. But I appreciate your insight, ideas, and experience. Thank you in advance.

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