Lighting for Monstera Deliciosa & Devils Ivy

Plant Keeper
2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

I've recently added a Monstera Deliciosa and Some Devils Ivy to my plant collection, as these are both bright no direct light I've placed them with my bamboo away from the windows. The area is quite dull however so I thought I would boost the lighting with some better spot lights.

How many Lumens do you think these plants will tolerate? Obviously there is fall off from the bulbs that needs to be factored. This was called the Inverse Square Law if my maths knowledge is correct. What I couldn't find however is the brightness of indirect light.

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  • Tom H
    2 months ago

    Lumens is for the spectra humans can see, not the ones plants can use, so it's a poor way to measure light for plants. If you like the technical side, you can research PAR instead. It's not really proportional to lumens.

    Monstera deliciosa like full sun indoors, even though most internet sites say "bright indirect sunlight" (they say that for all plants). If you want it to thrive, try to at least give it a few hours a day of direct sun on the leaves. If you put it off to the side of window, you'll see it streeeetch its way over to the light. "Bright indirect" will keep it alive and growing, but it will take longer before it gets its leaf fenestrations or that huge-leaf size we all want.

    Epipremnum aureum is similar, but perhaps not quite as bright.

  • popmama
    2 months ago

    Agree with Tom. Monstera likes bright light and would probably be a lot happier in the natural window light if you have it. Pothos, aka devil's ivy, can tolerate lower light conditions but it will also be happier with more light. If you have a window with natural sunlight, I wouldn't bother with a grow light. Let nature do the work!

  • Plant Keeper
    Original Author
    2 months ago

    if it get some sun how many hours would be good

  • ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5
    2 months ago

    it might matter where you are ... sun in nova scotia woulnt be the same as FL ... even thru a window ...