Keeping pipes from freezing in attic space

4 days ago
last modified: 4 days ago

The home we recently bought has the pipes (PEX) for the master bathroom shower running through a small attic space (approx 3’x6’). The space can be accessed through a little door in our closet. We live in an area that can get below 0 Fahrenheit occasionally. I am concerned that the pipes could freeze. The space does have insulation on the outer walls. Is putting foam insulation over the pex enough? (The foam might be tricky to put on the pipes because they are close together and make tight turns). Is heated pipe cable ok for use on pex? Do you recommend a specific product? We’ve just had an outlet added inside the space. Would running a small space heater on low during especially cold snaps be ok or is that too much of a fire hazard since it would be left unattended?

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