Well what do you have coming for 2021?

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last month
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Do we have a list yet ? I don’t remember seeing one . I’d love to know what you have ordered !!

yesterday my replacements from David Austin came . Bathsheba ( came in error but I’ll be gifting to Lisa weather or not she wants it :) , mill on the floss, the shephardess and wedgewood rose . I have classic woman and mystic beauty coming from roses unlimited. My Annie Laurie McDowell is coming from Pam at angel gardens this week .

and I ordered gbriel oak , eustacia, wild eve and gentle hermoine from David too but no word on them yet .

johann Strauss and Marilyn Monroe from northland ...but I think I may swap Marilyn out ?

that’s all I think !!

how about you guys ? What are you most looking forward to ?

my most look forward to is eustacia and mystic beauty.

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