Removed old plaster, do I need primer before new plaster?

Matthew McDonald
2 months ago

We bought a brick house in Belgium built in 1970. The plaster had quite some water damage and was falling off in a lot of areas, it also seemed to be made of pure dust and horse hair).

We have hired a plastering company to put the new plaster on the walls, they already plastered the technical room so that the plumber and electrician can mount everything on a finished wall. They did not seem to use any primer on the wall before putting on the plaster.

The product they are using is Knauff Goldband. According to the datasheet, they recommend a pretreatment with Aufbrennsperre suction block to stop the masonry from absorbing the moisture too quickly.

Is this primer necessary and something I should ask the plaster company to use (or put it on ourselves if they don't want to).

We are also wondering how to properly clean the brick before plaster. For the technical room that they already did, I simply brushed the walls with a stiff broom. I am not sure if this is sufficient and want to do the rest of the house correctly.

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