plan modification, laundry room help needed

12 days ago

We have changed the porch on our house plan and it altered our side entry door and made my laundry room bigger, which is a good thing!

Shown below is the expanded laundry room.

I had such success with suggestions in the past, I’m counting on all your great ideas again!

I am having difficulty positioning the appliances and sink for the best possible use of space.

The door top right corner leads to the breezeway to garage. The door on the left leads to a hall and beyond that is the kitchen.

I was thinking of moving the coat closet across from the entry door and shifting the laundry sink, washer/dryer to the left. Possibly having more counter space on each side of the sink and more counter space to the right of the dryer as a landing for when coming in the entry door. Is this the best possible use of space?? I need help please!

Many thanks in advance!

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