Island Range Hood Advice

12 days ago

I want to install a range hood above a gas range top on a kitchen island and trying to figure what range hood to get.


- 36" American Range ARSCT-364SGD - 4 gas burners + griddle 85,500 BTU

- Kitchen opens to family room and open doorway to dining room

- Vent out the side of the house between two floors approximately 10' in a box between two floor beams


- Do I REALLY need a 850+ CFM range hood? I don't think I ever used more than 3 burners at a time and that happens a few times a year. My typical home cooking is with two burners.

- Are there slim range hoods that provide that much power (potentially through a remote option)

? I like how the Bosch 800 42" looks, but at 600 CFM it's probably under powered.

- Should I be considering a remote blower?

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