Wet saw turned my subway tiles gray- Eek!

May G
last month

While installing white ceramic subway tile yesterday, all of the cuts that needed a wet saw (mostly the ones surrounding light switches/plugs) turned a SLIGHT grayish blue color. I know that this is from the water because as soon as we noticed it (this morning) we tested one and saw the water line turn the tile darker almost immediately.

Also want to add that the tiles are set- we didn't notice the color variation until this morning and my husband grouted as "only we will be able to see the slight variation". Other info: We DIY'd this so we only have ourselves to blame. The tiles are from Lowe's 2x10 polished textured ceramic subway. We grouted white already. The attached picture isn't in the greatest lighting but if you look at the funky cuts you can tell the tile is different.

My question is this: Will the biscuit dry out in a few days and the enamel go back to white or are the tiles going to permanently stay gray? They're not in a bathroom and the tiles were literally wet for less than a minute so I can't believe that exposure to water so quickly will have permanently stained my tile...wishful thinking?!

Please save my marriage and say we don't need to replace all the tiles along the 7 outlet/switch-plates along the backsplash! Yes...7. GAH! ;)

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