Blank Slate Basement

Lisa Coverdale
last month

Drywall is being finished this weekend...a basement project, that includes guest bedroom/craft room, a 34X18 family room, and guest bath. The only “natural” light is from two egress windows (one in family room, one in bedroom)

The 18-ft wide “north” wall in family room will be the TV viewing area with ventless fireplace....while the designated use of the other end of the room is as for office/computer space.

Our preferred theme is a blend of western rustic/reclaimed....but not hobby lobby farmhouse or cowhides and steer horns 😉.


  1. Paint color/wall treatment recommendations? Wallpaper treatment not out of the question. I need a rustic reclaimed wood “feel.”

  2. Furniture ideas and placement?

  3. “Office/workspace” area ideas?

  4. Furniture placement,

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