kitchen tile decision

29 days ago

We are building a new house and my kitchen will have white cabinets and a light gray island. The countertops will be white quartz with gray veining. I will have a matte gray and white tumbled marble herringbone mosaic behind the stove. However, I cannot decide what to surround it with. Can I do a glossy white subway tile with the matte mosaic? Or should I use gray and white tumble marble bricks???
This is the counter top we are using and they light gray piece will be the island. Our cabinets with be the glacier white color not the one that is super white.
The photo with the white hood is where I got the inspiration.
The photo with the mosaic and the gray and white subway tile I just found online. I like it but I am not sure if it takes away from the mosaic???
Or just matte white subway tile. My first thought was glossy but!!!!!! Idk!!!
I just don’t want to screw this up?!?!?!
Thoughts???? :)

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