Where to start?

21 days ago

We are starting a kitchen remodel in a few weeks that will also include:

Kid’s bath: install leftover countertop from kitchen; new tile, faucet, and mirror. There is no vanity light in here. Only recessed lights.

powder room: new tile. However, while the sink and toilet are out I was thinking about adding wainscoting to match my dining room. I am also not in love with the pedestal sink and faucet. If it’s changing, this is the time to do it. There is no vanity light in here either.

fireplace: new tile

The only hard surface that has been changed so far is the tile in our master bath. I have extra tile if I decide to use it in the kids bath.

should I wait until I finalize the countertop to choose anything? I feel like I’m running out of time.

kitchen inspiration (we will not be using marble, but more than likely a lighter granite or quartz)

This is the tile in our master bath. I have a lot leftover.

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