Roses in containers: depth vs volume

Ryan M
6 days ago
last modified: 6 days ago

Hello all,

I'm starting a rose garden (mostly small hybrid teas, floribundas) in containers and have planted several of them in a deep container, around 22". However I noticed that the containers are not that large in terms of overall volume, due to their tapered edges--some of them they are around 9 gallons, and others are 11.5 gallons.

I've searched this site and others and found differing opinions--some say just depth matters, others say to go for volume.

These roses are going on a rooftop patio so I need something lightweight (i.e. plastic). All of these roses are first years bought at a local nursery and therefore not that large, so I can always pot up later. But will I need to, or should they be ok as-is?

Thanks for the input.

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