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Hi my name is Becky Scheer. California has been hit hard with years of drought…wells are drying up…crops are dying….and farmers are scrambling to keep their crops growing by drilling deeper and farther than ever before. My sister, Burling, and her business, Burlington Rose Nursery, are victims of this same drought. Her well is dry, and her aging pump needs to be replaced. She is borrowing water from her neighbor to keep her home, her farm animals, and her business from perishing. After visits from various well-drilling experts, 400 feet is the magic number to reach water and sustain her home and nursery for many years to come. A new well, new pump, and installation cost would be approximately $70,000.

Burlington Rose Nursery is one of the few, women-owned rose businesses in the United States. For over 50 years, she has dedicated her life to hybridizing and breeding roses as well as collecting and preserving rare and hard-to-find roses. She assisted in restoring historical rose gardens across the country. If you’ve been to Hearst Castle, Huntington Botanical Rose Garden, Rancho Los Alamitos Historic Ranch and Museum, Roy Rogers State Park, Brooklyn Botanical Rose Garden, or the Chicago Botanical Rose Garden, chances are you have enjoyed some of her roses. We know Burling to be passionate about her roses and we see it in her smile when the topic arises. We see it in magazines…we see it every time she hosts a rose society…we hear it in radio interviews…we see it at seminars…we see it at hotels…we see it at resorts, and more importantly, we see it in our own gardens.

Roses are her life, her dream, and her love. Through her roses, we have all been touched by Burling in some way and would appreciate any amount that you could give.

Thank you for your support!

Please help do what you can! Burling and her marvelous nursery are too valuable to lose to a well and the drought!

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