My lemon thyme keeps dying. Why??

2 months ago

Albeit this is the first time I am growing thyme...I bought a starter plant of lemon thyme by Bonnie plants in late April and kept it outside while waiting to plant it and it soon started to brown and died away.

I got German thyme by same Bonnie plants. It got forgotten and abused, dried through July. I finally planted it in a large pot with very sandy soil. It is growing like crazy and smells perfect. You would never think it was almost dead.

I ordered lemon thyme again, from Home Depot, and happens to be from Bonnie Plants. Now within days the two plants are wilting, browning and dying. The soil is moist but I havent watered the plants. When they arrived they were so healthy and fragrant.

What on earth is happening??? What am I doing wrong??? What should I be doing??? Is there something special about Lemon thyme that I need to know?

I know Lemon thyme is a separate species from German thyme. And the browning 'seems' to me due to too much water. Then why and how are they so healthy when they are in the stores and when they are shipped??

Any suggestions what I might do to succeed in growing Lemon thyme?

Thank you so much friends!

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