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2 or 3 floating shelves over kitchen sink?

last year

We are planning to have our contractor install floating shelves over our kitchen sink. See pictures attached for the space. We are planning to order 1.5 inch thick wood floating shelves that will be mounted to back wall and run from one cabinet to the other (24 inches wide). The shelves will be roughly 11 inches deep. We are torn between installing 2 or 3 shelves here. The attached photos show where we would place the shelves for each option. Functionally, we're planning to store some pretty mugs/plates/bowls on the 1-2 lower shelves, and use the top shelf for more decorative pieces. We don't necessarily have any tall items that we need more space to store. We're mainly wondering about aesthetics and if 3 shelves will look too crowded/busy here (or conversely, if 2 shelves will look to bare). Three shelf option will allow for 10.5 inches of open space between shelves, while two shelf option will obviously allow for more (pic shown has about 14 inches between two shelves). Thoughts???

Two (2) floating shelves (14 inches open space between shelves)
Three (3) floating shelves (10.5 inches open space between shelves)

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