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Naturalized Conifers

Palms And Pines
last month

Here are some naturalized conifers growing in central florida

First we have Callitris Columnaris.

Here is a whole small forest of them

View from across a lake

older speciments that where probably planted long ago

its quite an adaptiable species here are some growing in a scrub habitat

Next is podocarpus macrophyllus

several small speciments are coming up in a sand pine scrub. No adult podocarpus seem present.

Next is araucaria columnaris growing in a coastal hammock habitat with rich muck soil. Several small self seeded cook-pine are also present, couldnt document those very well because the bugs are relentless in that area.

thats all I know of the truly exotic conifers in my area, im curious as to what kind of conifers are naturalized in other areas of the country/world. When I lived in the midwest the only naturalized conifers I knew of was scots pine and norway spruce and neither was very common in the wild.

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