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Hens and chicks - help needed

My son and his girlfriend got me this plant last year. It did great over the summer and really flourished, so much so that I re-potted the plant. I live in southwest Ohio so I brought the plant indoors for the winter. Over the winter months a lot of the larger leaves died off and I would take them off the plant. It was starting to look pretty ragged and also had some long growth. I found a blog post on Pinterest on how to re-plant hens and chicks. I followed the instructions and cleaned all the plants up and repotted them hoping it would help them flourish once again. I had trimmed off all the long growth and got a grow light. I have the light set to 12 hrs a day, thinking the long growth was a sign it was not getting enough light. Now that it is spring, I brought the plant back outside and just found it looking pretty sad. Is there any chance I can get this back to being a healthy plant again?

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