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Some First Flowers Ever

29 days ago
last modified: 28 days ago

Here are three that had their first flowers ever this sizzling hot weekend.

Luxurious is one I got last year that is just now blooming. It was hybridized by Gayle Story. I got it because the edge was supposed to be cream white. But in my hot climate that edge is only a little cream white and mostly gold chartreuse. Maybe it will look more like her photo in Indy.

Doctor Handsome is a Davisson I got last year that is blooming for the first time. The color is an orangey pink. I was expecting it to be more orange. Maybe it will be when planted in the ground.

Lost tag seedling, but I think the cross was Blue Jay Tapestry X a Karelia seedling.

The Color of Wonderful

Deeds Not Words

Dancing Flamingo X Neon Flamingo got hit hard by grubs last year. I have two tall scapes and eight that are short like these with only a few buds. I hope I can rejuvenate this one once it's living in a less grubby environment.

Yesterday American Doll was a nice clump. This morning all the remaining buds were gone - eaten by deer. I've also lost nearly all the buds on Miss Goldie Gold Digger and Willow Dean Smith.

Star Lord had its ffo yesterday. Grubs got to it last year. It only has one fan scaping, and that scape, although it has some lateral branching, won't have a bud count in the 20s like it has the past two years. The other fans might scape later, but I'm not holding my breath. Star Lord is my favorite Derrow.

Empire of Dawn and Dusk does not perform well in a pot. I look forward to getting it in the ground in Indianapolis. It's a Derrow too, and I believe this one does well for Hoosier Nan.

Dancing On My Own is a Derrow. The color of this one is better in the heat. I didn't like the color in the cool weather at all. I'm probably not keeping this one.

Betwixt and Between is a Derrow I do like. I'd like to take it with me, if I can fit it in the suitcase. This photo was taken after a cool night. The flowers have a better gold edge in the heat, but I keep forgetting to photograph them.


Comments (9)

  • 29 days ago

    I like your seedling Dancing Flamingo X Neon Flamingo--such a pretty color! Luxurious looks promising even though the edge is not what you hoped for. Maybe it will be more cream in Indy since Gayle Story's zone is not much different than yours will be. Empire of Dawn and Dusk does very well for us. Mike Derrow, in fact, is one of our favorite hybridizers.


  • 28 days ago

    Dancing Flamingo X Neon Flamingo ia a gorgeous seedling. Hopefully all will go well in Indy. Those stinking deer need to leave other peoples things alone. I like Dr Handsome, of course, my type of bloom. The Blue Jay Tapestry seedling is lovely. Your Darrow's are all pretty too.


  • 28 days ago

    I will try to get a picture of my Doctor Handsome, it had its 1st bloom a couple days ago and may have more open tomorrow. I think orangey-pink describes it. You mentioned Tahiti Sweetie in comaparison I think when you said you got Doctor Handsome. They are not the same color, if that was what you meant. Luxurious is gorgeous, but I think it would be even prettier with a white edge. So many are gold edged. Dancing Flamingo X Neon Flamingo is my favorite, such color!

  • 28 days ago

    My Color of Wonderful had its first bloom yesterday and the color was not wonderful. Hopefully the next blooms will be better. I think the heat/humidity impacted today’s bloom but yours look much better. Luxurious is still a pretty bloom but I know you want a whiter edge. I have Great Balls of Fire which has a white edge up close but walk away from it and it looks yellow, bright color! I like the lost tag seedling but of course the Dancing Flamingo seedling is marvelous!

  • 28 days ago

    Doctor Handsome is as you describe. Color of Wonderful was blooming today, but flowers didn't open fully. Much earlier this year. Yes, it will be good to get away from the grubs. Just hope you don't have earwigs.

  • 28 days ago
    last modified: 28 days ago

    Mantis and Kate - I've never had problems with the color of Color of Wonderful or with blooms not fully opening. Mine is in shade until about 10:30 a.m. - maybe that helps hold the color in the heat. Even on 96 degree days, mine still looks pretty good in the evening.

    Mantis - Earwigs are one of the few pests I haven't had here.

    Hoosier Nan - Do you grow any of Derrow's evergreens?

    Kay - Thanks for all your comments!

    Nancy in Ky - I think of both Doctor Handsome and Tahiti Sweetie as unusual colors that are orange blends. I realize they are not exactly the same color, since TS appears to be much darker, and it has a more colorful watermark. I think both are attractive. I think I will like Dr. Handsome, especially when its planted next to purple and yellow UFs.


  • 28 days ago

    My favorites are Dancing Flamingo X Neon Flamingo and The Color of Wonderful. Both are such great colors.


  • 27 days ago

    Thanks Brad!


  • 27 days ago

    I have to go along with Kate about The Color Wonderful. I can only hobble so far (bad knee), so I missed the first bloom, but a couple days later in the PM I saw it and it was all bleached out. I don't remember it doing that last year, but then it's in more sun this year and not likely to be moved..........The Dancing Flamingo seedling is a very pretty color.....Maryl

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