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Please help with accessories ideas!

September 14, 2013
Living room console. The rest of the room has a restoration hardware leather couch, a wing chair and two spool chairs will go in front of console. Colors are teal, brown, beige. Coffee table is glass and mahogany. I was thinking of a table lamp and some sort of accessories.
Thank you in advance!

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  • Collin Donoho
    I don't think a table lamp would workmen this space, unless it's very modern. I would find an modern vase and put in pebbles (seen a lot in European homes) the piece is very modern, or just have a nice vase filled of flowers for a welcoming feeling.
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  • groveraxle
    It would be helpful to see the rest of the room, but my first question has to be what is the purpose of this wall? Are you just filling space?

    I think this wall would be better served with art, and perhaps a bench instead of a console if you are looking for a bit of extra seating. As it is, the mirror doesn't reflect anything we want to see, the console doesn't hold anything we need and forces one to jog a step if entering from the door on the right.

    I could see a group of sepia toned canvases here. Perhaps some of your own stellar vacation photos? I would rethink this wall.
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  • Collin Donoho
    Have to agree with groveraxle! The the wall seems so BIG! Use the space wisely, you shouldn't make it empty,,if this was an entry way that would be okay, but in this case no. The mirror seems too flashy and use an art piece or a picture, something to hook guests!
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  • PRO
    2id Interiors
    I wouldnt put more than one decorative piece on top of this console. The console is small, and there is a lot of details already... The stools have details ,mirror frame, etc. I would consider a vase/planter with a nice long plant or tree on the floor on the left side of the console. Also on top of the console I would find a short and long vase, maybe a boat shape. Nothing else! Hope this helps! ; )
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  • groveraxle
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  • Chem K
    It does make sense making the wall a picture/art wall as suggested but I would combine what you have with picture frames on either side. Firstly some lamps:
    Cyan Design Hanover Table Lamp in Clear Finish · More Info

    Transitional Croydon Brown and Silver Plated Table Lamp · More Info
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