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Above my cupboards decor

October 6, 2013
I hate this space above my cabinets, my husband refused to let me do staggered cupboards, and I regret it :( we are planning on adding hardware and don't mind the counter mess, but any ideas?

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  • nancy lindsay
    PS- later if you are able add a tile backsplash- that will help draw your eye there and not up above!
  • oddshots
    Carolina...Yes, I think it would! And not too expensive either.
  • Debp
    IMO the only thing on top of cabinets should be rolled out paper towel to catch the dust. Replace it spring and fall and you are good to go.
  • sandkshouse
    Whoa, great idea on the paper towels.
  • sandkshouse
    Lay rope lighting up there. It will add a lot of interest.
  • Geneviève
    Baskets with lids to keep things that you don't use often, greenery,
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  • unwantedadvice
    I happen to like a bit of decor above cabinets. I recently edited my assortment of "stuff" and I do like it better with less. I don't get the paper towel thing though. I just use a Swiffer duster or Swiffer dry cloth to collect the dust. I think they grab and hold the dust better IMO. But one way or another, of course, it will need cleaning just like everything else in a house. :)
  • Stevi Baggett
    I agree with djohn design- a very large round clock (see Ballard Designs) or round wall sculpture ( check Homegoods) centered. The peak already draws your eye up there. Have fun with it!
  • Margo
    I too like a bit of organized clutter atop my cabinets. I like to find unusual large objects to put up. I could give a rat's a_ _ if it is out dated or not. I hate magnets on refrigerators but 90% of homes I go in have them??? Do what makes you happy :)
  • Margo
    ohcbarrat- I just noticed that clutter you have hanging on the side of your refrig., take it down, I hear it is outdated LOL
  • unwantedadvice
    Margo, my you are up late!! See lots of comments from you all around Houzz tonight! :))
  • Margo
    I am just having a good ol' time laughing at the computer... I should go to bed and then I say oh, just one more dilemma LOL
  • madelvisco
    What about an assortment of large baskets
  • unwantedadvice
    Houzz can be a time-suck!!
  • kingsroof
    It depends on the rest of the room. If it's a large great room, then go with the big stuff. You can also get rid of the high point by bringing your tan paint line down to the level of the ceiling to the right. Paint the "triangle" white like your ceiling and the whole high area disappears. Sometimes this works better than " fighting" a high ceiling line with "stuff."
  • PRO
    ACR Interiors
    I agree with what others have said. Basically, kitchens already have a ton of things going on visually and you don't want to add to that with visual clutter. If you feel strongly that you need to have something up there, I would put a very large over sized painting, sign, or fun object that has some meaning to you centered on the highest point of the ceiling.
  • Margo
    FYI- there are 22,796 photo's in Houzz listed with *decor on top of cabinets*. This is the first one that came up so I copied. It is alive and well ;)) Just preference.
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  • misael11
    Vary the scale of the items into groups of 3 items. The items should also vary in scale such as a large item in the middle and two medium ones on either side or the medium pieces on one side of the large item. Vary the group of 3 items with a single basket. Don't fill in the entire area with décor. choose 3 or 5 places and leave the rest empty. I like the basket idea for one or two areas. Up lighting would be easy and effective. Run electrical cords down the inside of the cabinets for a neater look.
    A large piece of art to the left of the refrig could be the inspiration for a color to paint the wall behind the cupboards for extra dramatic effect.
  • Geneviève
    A nice big ceramic rooster would add that special touch . a symbol of good luck for many :)
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  • Anita Nazar
    I'm a little wrought iron crazy these days so I would put a nice piece of wall art above the cabinets and that's all. Nothing sitting on top of the cabinets so that you can clean it easily. You could go classic or whimsical depending on your style. Some ideas in the pictures attached...

    Glynmoor Lakes Kitchen · More Info
  • feeny
    This is a classic, minimalist kitchen with clean lines. I'm afraid that some of these suggestions are suitable for a much busier style of kitchen, not this one.
  • diyher
    too bad it's not an outside wall. You could add one of those large triangular windows to let in a lot of light
  • PRO
    Kristin Taghon Interior Designs, LLC
    Backsplash and great countertop lighting will bring the eye to below the cabinets rather than the awkwardness above it. I agree with the person who suggested painting a cool feature color up above the cabinetry or even a really cool wallpaper. A large piece of artwork - treetops!
  • Margo
    Here you go a mural over the cabinets;)
    Morris County, NJ - Mediterranean - Kitchen · More Info
  • Margo
    Or as Cadmium suggested, decal treetops ;)
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  • Geneviève
    I would think myself of cooking outdoor with all those trees Margo ,....no bugs though:))
  • qam999
    Please let your husband know that I think he was 100% right to insist on a straight uniform top line to cabinets.
  • Leslie Bean
    I think -the small items would look better if kept together and staggered in height - maybe on top of cookbooks or something attractive. My preference is to add a large object - but I would go horizontal so I am not drawing the eye up to the peak.
  • mefor
    I love the idea of treetops, how wonderful :)
  • Nancy Travisinteriors
    Group items in 3 s or 5 s. Very tall and very large. No small items like you have. Make them bold colors like, yellow, peacock, black, silver. Big pots are good. If placing signs use a tall easel. Michaels carries. Put in corners.
  • Nancy Travisinteriors
    Genevieve love yr post.
  • Nancy Travisinteriors
    Margo, always love your post.
  • Margo
    travis- always love your post *group hug*
  • Nancy Travisinteriors
    The mural idea is genius. You could do wall beside refrig. Then carry up over cabinets. A wallpaper could work too. I like the white birch trees. Simple, but makes a statement. Then nothing on cabinets.
  • Nancy Travisinteriors
    For sure add a backsplash. Glass tile or subway.
  • Nancy Travisinteriors
    Your towel on stove. Would be nice just take 2 colors and mix with cream and black.
  • Geneviève
    "If you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen " no more , a feel of the outdoor is refreshing top it with a ceiling fan and we got it made .

    Mediterranean and Tuscan Murals · More Info
  • cbarratt
    It actually is an outside wall, but how expensive is it to make a window, anyone know?
  • Yvette Craig
    I saw a great idea on houzz kitchens .... one section could be an open wine storage area cupboard
  • Anita Nazar
    It IS an outside wall??? I vote window all the way!!!!
  • bellesum
    Carla Aston's How to Decorate The Top of a Cabinet ( and How Not To) was pretty useful but the link is best viewed on a desk top.

  • dkvhaus
    What is your design style? The cabinets are dark and draw the eye down. I think you should lift the eye with some interest up high: art, framed fabric in shape if pitch roof, architectural salvage or ethnic trays, large retro sign, old sleigh (mountain home) perhaps, but not dishes or plants.
  • clearbluelady
    We used glass art pieces.
  • Angel 18432
    Your glass art pieces should be grouped in groups of threes with varying sizes/clours.
    Would prob look much better.
  • Meg Fedrick
    Love these baskets
  • joey930
    Awkward space a bit dated looking to put items on top. To update I would wallpaper on that pointed wall to give it a modern look a beautiful print or grass cloth would b great
  • cbarratt
    Maybe I need to upload more it is a great room (dining, family room, kitchen all connected) that wall on the other side of the fridge is the dining area wall so it's the same wall as above the cupboards if that makes sense?
  • brickln
    I like what you've chosen but agree that adding a larger object would improve the look. Alternatively , a wallpapered accent wall would be cool. Can I ask what color the paint is?
  • cbarratt
    Kwal knapweed
  • PRO
    Carla Aston | Interior Designer
    Just curious what you ended up doing here. I found you because someone posted my article here.

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