Help with bathroom sink and vanity located in master bedroom

November 18, 2013
I am working on remodeling, without going too extreme, my master bedroom and bathroom. One of the things that is kind of annoying about my house is that the bathroom vanity and sink are off the side of the bedroom, while the toilet and tub are in the bathroom. I have attached a pic that will give you an idea. To the right is the toilet and shower/tub, to the left is a walk in closet, and in between the sink and vanity.

In my opinion it is a really stupid design, because the carpet it right next to the vanity, and it looks like an after thought. If this was a house I planned on living in for many years, I'd section the entire area off with a wall to a separate the bathroom. But this is my first house, far from a dream house, and a house I don't want to be in longer than 5 years. So I just want to make it appealing without turning away potential buyers.

The ugly vanity lighting is going, along with the mirror. I plan on putting new vinyl flooring in the bathroom, but should I remove the carpet in front of the vanity and install vinyl there also? Or will that look tacky?

I am in need of ideas here

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