Help with bathroom sink and vanity located in master bedroom

November 18, 2013
I am working on remodeling, without going too extreme, my master bedroom and bathroom. One of the things that is kind of annoying about my house is that the bathroom vanity and sink are off the side of the bedroom, while the toilet and tub are in the bathroom. I have attached a pic that will give you an idea. To the right is the toilet and shower/tub, to the left is a walk in closet, and in between the sink and vanity.

In my opinion it is a really stupid design, because the carpet it right next to the vanity, and it looks like an after thought. If this was a house I planned on living in for many years, I'd section the entire area off with a wall to a separate the bathroom. But this is my first house, far from a dream house, and a house I don't want to be in longer than 5 years. So I just want to make it appealing without turning away potential buyers.

The ugly vanity lighting is going, along with the mirror. I plan on putting new vinyl flooring in the bathroom, but should I remove the carpet in front of the vanity and install vinyl there also? Or will that look tacky?

I am in need of ideas here

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    Carolyn Albert-Kincl, ASID
    I would install a light colored porcelain or ceramic tile instead of vinyl. It's pretty easy to do after a lesson at Lowes or Home Depot. With the single sink that you have there, I would remove the mirror and buy a framed mirror. Leave enough room on either side of the mirror for pretty vertical sconces to replace the lights above the mirror. Choose vertical sconces with 100 watts each to give the amount of light needed. They don't have to be expensive, just simple looking in the same color as your faucet.
    Carolyn Albert-Kincl, ASID
    House in Sonoma · More Info
    Kubic Bathroom Sconce | Lightology · More Info
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    Carolyn Albert-Kincl, ASID
    If your cabinet hardware (knobs and pulls) has not been updated recently, you could do that too. Here's another type of light that would work on each side of the mirror. It costs about $45 and takes a 100 watt bulb.
    Alexa 1-Light Bath Sconce · More Info
  • qam999
    Definitely ceramic or porcelain tile. You can get gorgeous, high-end tiles for $5 / sf and buyers will swoon.
  • smileyface2013
    I would recommend installing a neutral tile in the bathroom. The floor in front of the vanity should be the same as the rest of the bedroom, so don't install vinyl just in that area. I think you will feel a lot better once you change the light and mirror above the vanity, as it will make a huge difference.
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    Carolyn Albert-Kincl, ASID
    I think that tile would be fine in front of the vanity as a continuation from the bathroom. The vanity is, after all, really a part of the bath and not the bedroom, so I would give it flooring to match the rest of the bath.
  • jackson4500
    I have the exact same problem... What did you do?
  • Denita
    Hopefully the original poster will come back to answer your question. In the meantime there are several things you can do: you can case the opening smaller; or use barn doors to close the opening. It makes more sense to have the flooring tile to coordinate with the bath than to keep the carpet from the bedroom area. It is the materials you use in the vanity area that will update it as well as the ability to close it off. Here are a couple of inspiration pics with vanities showing into the bedroom area

    American Beauty by Thom Filicia · More Info

    serenity · More Info
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    flair lighting
    the cheapest fix that will change the style quick, is to change out that light fixture and frame the mirror. both diy projects. i would paint the cabinets white too...mostly rip out that carpet!!!
  • terrign
    I have the same problem and would like to tile the vanity area. However, there is a hallway that leads from my bedroom to my vanity area with not a clear dividing line. Do you think it would work to tile my vanity area the same as the bath area?
  • alaska1
    You must get rid of the carpet! I would go with a white cabinet with a white marble or beige marble top! Also I would have the whole back mirrored or framed out with the mirror ! Reason being you have too much wall around it! It needs to be one cohesive piece!
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    Old Post
  • terrign
    That was another poster's picture. My bathroom is worse. I've posted some pictures below.
  • Edith Lunceford

    I have the same problem!

  • terrign

    I have decided to tile the vanity area with something that blends with my carpet. What did you decide to do?

  • Jeannine Myers

    I have the same problem. I'm wondering how far out from the vanity and into the bedroom to put the tile floor???

  • dublindarling

    I, too, have the vanity and sink open to the bedroom with the shower and toilet in a separate room to the left, and a walk-in closet to the right of the vanity. After much contemplation, I am going to use antique doors to slide open and closed (like the barn door track system, but less rustic) to close off the bathroom from the bedroom so it will no longer look like a Motel 6. I am using marble tile on the vanity floor and the bathroom floor, but have not decided on the closet floor yet. Should I do hardwood to match the bedroom floor, or marble to match the bathroom floor? I will also be ripping out the enormous cabinet that takes up most of the space in the bathroom, pulling out the plastic shower, and replacing it with marble tile surround. I am also considering tiling the walls midway up the wall in the bathroom part, but not in the vanity part. Comments? Suggestions?

  • Michelle Chiba
    I had the same problem so I took out the door between the vanity and bathroom and pulled the walls back a bit and made it an opening. Then I made the floor continuous by ripping out flooring in bathroom and vanity area and took out the doorway threshold and put the same tile throughout. Then I framed in a wall and put in a pocket door into the vanity area.
  • igina
    • Please post pictures, did you keep only one sink ? I have the same problem.
  • Pam Backstrom

    I have the exact layout, toilet, shower to the left, closet to the right.

  • paperlesspenny

    ignia, dublindarling, jeannine, terrign - what did you all end up doing to solve this issue? mchiba and others - do you have photos? I'm in the process of fixing up our vanity area which has this same kind of layout. Plan is to install a modern barn door to separate the vanity from bedroom, and make the flooring tile match the toilet/tub area rather than the bedroom. However I'm keeping the vanity and toilet/tub rooms separate, because my husband and I are frequently on the same schedule and the functionality really works for us. But, I took out the old standard interior door and am installing a pocket door in its place so the separation is optional - the same kind of flexibility I like about the barn door.

  • TJW

    Hoping to find more suggestions & remodel photos before & after. Why oh why would they put part of the bathroom in the bedroom!? Our master was an add-on 2nd floor, so 2' from the top of the stairs is wall - closet wall - with the same basic 1970's configuration everyone is frustrated with. Walk-in (square) closet to the right, toilet & shower (we built open shower after ripping out horrid harvest gold tub) - both enclosed by shutter style doors. The ancient vanity sits in between.

    I would like to create a 'real' master bathroom by moving (okay, tearing down and rebuilding) the wall between the shower/toilet and the current bedroom. Probably run the new wall all the way to the closet and have to reconfigure how we enter the bedroom. Has anyone done a major Reno to create a master bath completely SEPARATE from the master bedroom? Details, ideas, measurements, pics? Please?

    This remodel is about a year out as my current concern is downstairs: kitchen, bath, laundry.

  • moneypittek

    I have a similar problem. Toilet and small shower in room to right. Soak/jetted tub next to double vanity open to bedroom. The ceilings are vaulted. Would like to enclose so spouse can sleep if I get up early. Help

  • igina

    Still the same, we will remodel this Summer. Putting 2 small rectangular sinks, floating vanity, corner shower.. maybe a slide barn door. Hard to change wall, we think they support the house. Sorry for the mess... Our vanity is 57 in , it looks like we will have to get it make, no way we can find one in the size. Did you did any remodeling?

    View from the room, on the left toilet and shower and on the right closet.

  • Jennifer Bell

    I love that flooring! I think instead of ripping out the vanity I'd paint that one white or grey, get fabulous hardware and find an amazing mirror, bigger than what's there, stalk Homegoods.

    If you do choose to get a new vanity, just buy a 50-55 inch slide in! I found some online, granted not as many as 48 or 60 inch. If you went 48 you could put matching baskets on either side (towels, hamper?) to help stabilize the space.

  • igina

    Thanks Jennifer, i like your idea.

  • igina

    We finally redid our vanity. My husband used solid Cherry , long sink with double faucets, beautiful counter top. It was not cheap but I love it.

  • Denita

    What a beautiful job you and your husband did with that vanity.

  • igina

    Thanks Denita, next is the guest bathroom.

  • tdecker101

    Igina, how are you liking the 2 faucet sink? We too have the same configuration of of sinks and vanity in the master bedroom and are looking what others did to solve the problem

  • igina

    Hi Tdecker101 , we like it , much better than before, we really did not want to go through all the problems of a big remodeling, put down wall etc ... When we use together we have plenty room. We thought about tow small sink but we like this one better. We had only 52 in to work on it.

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