Where do you put your keys?

Emily H
November 21, 2013
Do you have a single spot where you drop your keys when you get home so you always know where they are? Where is it?

Tell us! (Photos encouraged)

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  • Pablo Espinosa Vargas
    Kitchen's bar...
  • Tasha L
    We used to use a Coca-Cola tin can in the kitchen. We now have a picture in our hallway to the garage that covers a secret key box. We own a few vehicles and we found this was a nicer way or organizing them plus hiding them for security reasons.
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  • 5kids2many
    I'm 15 and I put my keys in a homemade bowl
  • mugsy1703
    I keep them in my purse and then have a hard time finding them because they ALWAYS fall to the bottom corner!!!
  • mousemaker
    I know :) bluenan, I like it too!!
    one other note about keys. If you have a remote for you car? make sure you have a door key on your person if you are at a gas station, etc. because another signal can lock your car. We have had our doorbell go off from cell phone signals and it's hard wired!!! but I was lucky someone told me about the extra key because it did happen once..although I have my keys in my pocket whenever I get out of the car. it's just a precaution.
  • olldroo
    No good Judy, started physio for it and discovered he has a stress fracture in his foot as well that wasn't picked up. Treatment for Achilles aggravates the fracture and if they treat the fracture it aggravates the Achilles. The whole thing is aggravating me, I am so over it and there are still months to go. DD arrives from Germany in a few weeks, sweating on her to amuse him, especially when it happened on her watch.
  • PRO
    JudyG Designs
    Hi, roo…how is his Achilles?
  • olldroo
    Victoran - downloading photos is very easy - where are you having problems?
  • bluenan
    Mousemaker, Atlas held up the celestial sphere, mine is a sea shell. Carolina Girl referred to him as "Neptune man", that sounds plausible. Whatever he is, I just love him!
  • diyher
    about 3 months ago I saw something on houzz in a kitchen where on the side of the end cabinet was a door and probably a 1-2 inch deep area behind that door where keys were hung out of site.
    It gave me the idea to just take a cup hook and screw it into the inside back of my one kitchen cabinet door. I now hang my keys there all the time, trying to get my husband to do the same instead of tossing his on a table :)
  • vissia73
    keep it with our jackets by the garage door closet
  • Mike
    Never leave car keys in the house when you go out. The thief could drive off with the loot! When in, foot of the stairs, when out, hidden in a downstairs room.
  • lindshammer
    On simple key holder near door to garage in laundry room/mudroom.
  • victoran
    Still can't figure out how to download photos...but we keep our keys in a keybox in the dining room, on the wall. Can't see it unless you know where it is, so seems a safe place and no one looses his/her keys.
  • mousemaker
    bluenan, is that not Atlas? :)
  • ammandafitz
    My hubby is always loosing his keys, wallet, phone everyday.. We search for a good half hour in the morning. I need some sort of visual trigger for him to put his things away right when he gets home. We are just moving today actually into a new new place so I want to get (like some of you have said) a nice big mirror with hooks and a little table with a bowl or drawer and maybe a nice big "keys" sign! Haha he will have no excuse to loose his things anymore! :)
  • paulac67
    Always on the kitchen counter right next to the refrigerator.
  • Patricia Pelgrims
    Now WHERE did I put the flippin' keys again !? That's me.
  • reiferss
    Got this mail/key organizer @ Kirkland's - hanging on wall just as I walk in door. Photo didn't upload. Sorry.
  • Chris G
    I just throw mine on the kitchen counter when I get in or put it back in my bag in my "key" pocket. It's probably not the best system considering how often I lose my keys though!
  • Judy
    I always enter my home through the garage and on the wall just inside is a a small corkboard framed in wood with hooks for keys I always know where my keys are, I've had this key holder on the wall for over 30 yrs, 8 homes and 2 husbands... 1 of the few constants in my life...I do have another key in a drawer by the front drawer for those occassions when I use the front door.
  • Barbara Conneely
    Childhood home: hooks n kitchen. Own home: house keys & work keys kept n handbag, other keys in wicker basket on top of piano. When i drove my 1st car home for a weekend visit my mom needed 2 move my car while i was sleeping, didn't want to wake me but couldn't find my car keys in my handbag. Finally had to wake me to move my car. Was really surprised she didn't think to look at her own hooks.
  • Julie Elder
    I have a console table next to my front door where I put my purse and keys. We treat that front wall as though it's a front hallway.
  • silverscreenstar
    Hope it 's not near a door! Too easy for someone to grab and run. I see others leave their keys in dishes, hung up (near doors), or in places which are pretty visible, none of which is a really good idea,
  • petronellaroth
    I have a framed antique key and small cup hooks along the bottom of the frame. All our keys go on a separate hook there when we walk in or very soon afterwards, Keys mark furniture so it's a system I started many years ago and has saved mucch stress and irritation through the years.
  • Hazel Stratton
    Having experienced a field fire across the street from our home and having to move vehicles quickly (2 cars, dully pickup, motorhome, car trailer, etc.), it's really important that a set of keys is available so you can quickly move vehicles. If my husband had not been home, I would not have had keys to everything. Now we have a complete labeled set hidden in a walk-in closet. I keep my keys in my handbag. My husband keeps his keys in his pocket and in a tray in our bedroom at night. It's also a good backup if a family member needs to use a vehicle, usually the dully to move something, they have access to the duplicate key.
  • armygirl1987
    Lol @ studio, and making sure they leave the toilet seat sown and toilet paper under.
  • studio10001
    First a request for everyone's hiding spaces, and now you want to know where Houzzers are keeping their keys? Emily, I begin to suspect you are the mastermind of an international gang of thieves. We shall now call you The Godmother.
  • escolat
    I keep my keys and cellphone on a desk, near my bed every night, just in case there is an emergency or someone attempts to break can never be unprepared these days.
  • armygirl1987
    @Darzy-I had to look twice at what you were saying. Down here in Miami, the king of diamonds is a strip club. LOL
  • mlfrancisco

    I'm adding this to my kitchen when we remodel! Keys will be hidden there!
  • olldroo
    Darzy - my grands are usually too busy emptying mine to leave any donations.
  • Darzy
    @olldroo...I once found the king of diamonds in my refrigerator! Grandkids. :)
  • bungalowmo
    Tumbledown...LOVE the 'stache! And the song on the casette tape too! 10 Years After version??
  • bungalowmo
    I tried toing the whole "special dish" or "certain hook"...never became a habit for me. I never know if I'm taking the car or truck or if I'm coming in the front door or back. Since ALL my doors have a deadbolt that have to lock with a key from either side...that is the house key I grab. I have 2 sets of vehicle keys with all the spares in my safe. I grab whichever set I need on the way out.

    Where they go when I come home...usually on the table next to the sofa with my purse. Everything goes upstairs with me when I go to bed.

    Sometimes, it doesn't matter where I put them...if the peeps want to play with me & move them...they do. I have no control.
  • chookchook2
    Don't need nine iron . Ask if they play golf . If they say no, talk to them in golf speak. Their eyes will glaze over and you can easily bind and sell them into slavery to pay for your golf membership.
  • PRO
    Sustainable Dwellings
    Gorgeous Ridgie guarding above Bajanrolf! Ours doesn't bark much and is very intimidating to strangers.... that, and nine iron keep people at bay if they are pushy at our door. The key is concealed nearby.
  • Lisa Shaw
    Wow! I appreciate all the discussion about safety. Fortunately I have an alarm system and a front gate and garage that provide barriers, because I do keep my keys hanging near the doorway. I was given this wall hanging piece years ago and I love it!
  • PRO
    Kate Smith Interiors
    We keep a key holder at the front door
  • PRO
    JudyG Designs
    My keys stay in my car,always, as I have a garage for secure parking. If I ever took them out I would spend hours looking for them.

    Leicht, love the tool catcher. Great gift. Thanks for sharing.
  • PRO
    LEICHT New York
    Here's a car mechanic’s magnetic tool catcher that was shown on one of the recent houzz tours:
    My Houzz: Marie and Gil: Bene Atarot, Israel · More Info
  • mmunro57
    My father built me a "house" key holder for one of our early anniversaries and I treasure it even more now that he's passed away. We keep it at the top of the stairs going in to our kitchen as that's where we always pass by when we come home. It was built with love so it was always a reminder that we needed to keep our keys safe and it became such an automatic habit - to hang our keys there - that we have never lost keys. When our children were old enough to have a house key and then old enough to drive, it became a habit to them as well and now that they have their own homes, they have their own key holders at their entrances.
  • jboncaro
    As soon as I'm in the door, I put my keys right back in the key pocket in my purse. Than I just have to remember where I left my purse. :~D
  • bajanrolf
    Re. Key theft comments

    Yes, depending where you live, and especially if you have trades, etc in and out of your place, good idea to play it safe and keep your door locked or keys etc out of sight.

    Having said that, when i'm door is almost never locked. And you'd think I'd know better, as I've had a couple close calls over the years ...with one very rough looking guy literally walking right in our front door ....and another couple young guys who i caught trying to open our locked front door one evening. Luckily in each case I was close by...and given my helpful nature...and size...helped the SOB's to 'eject' themselves from our front porch.

    Since then...have been relying on my ever alert 'watchdog' to 'guard' our front door keys. Here's a couple pics of him 'on guard' at both the cottage and home in the city:)
  • priyapkb
    Mine goes in a bedroom rack in a wicker basket, it looks charming from the outside and you always know it is there. My husband has a similar one. All his sets of keys go in there along with his wallet high up in the shelf.
  • soozmacrae
    I keep mine in my handbag. My husband puts his on a shelf in living room. I also have the keys to three of the neighbours houses, someone is their families are always forgetting or losing a key to get in to their homes. We have two German Shepherds so I don't think we need to worry about someone getting into our house any time soon.
  • carolinenix
    I hang my Big O Key Ring on a kitchen doorknob or set them on the counter. With this oversized bangle key ring, you will never lose your keys again!
  • Robin W
    I *usually* put the truck key on a hook beside the back door (though the secondary spots are usually my coat pocket or my work pants pocket). As for house keys, we have a keypad lock so no keys are required. It's great for my teenager who loses things on a regular basis as I don't have to worry about her being locked out of the house. There is a spare key in case the batteries die hidden in the garage but so far we haven't needed it.
  • IberiaMom
    sondramartina- where did you get you key rack

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