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In #1, is that glass tile backspash and how far up does it go?

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Kitchen Magic

Small Doesn't Meant 'You Can't be Stylish'

When this homeowner came to us with their small kitchen, we were eager to help. Flat panel doors made the design less busy. The backsplash adds another layer of texture plus some depth to the design.

When they said, lets lighten is up. We said, 'make sure you use a light color on the countertops. Cambria quartz in Windemere adds another element of sophistication. When adding in accents, we made sure they were small and had some 'negative space' around it. The shelving fits just right on this small wall next to the sink.

Beautiful and functional in classic cherry. The faux wood cleans up with just a wipe and the materials are glamorous without being overstated. Small doesn't mean you can't be stylish.

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Amy A

help! help!

researching lots... we have corian counter tops and they are in great condition, i would like to just change the color of them from grey to white. is there such thing as resurfacing / painting corian?!


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