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Flood water damage has been a serious problem that needs immediate treatment. As water that is left behind floods are more dangerous and increase the severity of damage. Therefore it needs to be removed instantly. However, you can hire New York City Flooded Basement Repair Company which are expert in water removal service and see positive results in short time.

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Red Dog Interiors LLC
What are these machines that can remove water on hardwood?
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Having gone through this myself, here are a few things I feel strongly about. Unfortunately this kind of disaster brings out all kinds of people who want to make money off of someone else's dire circumstances. PLEASE LISTEN PEOPLE:

Have a contract for everything, stipulating time length, what you will supply and are responsible for and how much at each stage of project.

Use companies that have been in business for a while and are listed with your Better Business Bureau where you can check complaints and file one if necessary. especially for plumbing, electric and air conditioning units.

Do not turn over money up front to anyone, sign over insurance checks or anything of the like. Most contractors require something upfront but it depends on the size of the job. Not an absorbent amount up front.

Don't deal with companies who have come in with the flood waters and will promise all kinds of crap for ridiculous sums of money.

Check credentials and call corporate offices if you can.

Have patience and don't feel pressured to get it all done too soon. Doing it right the first time and checking and rechecking all fees and expenses and shopping for the best deal you can get will leave you with no regrets in the end.

If it sounds to good to be true than it's not for you.

One more thing, you must have someone at your job site to oversee all work. Contractors are trying to get as many jobs and make as much money as they can. If not watched some of them will cut corners. spell it out for them in writing if you're not content they don't get paid.

Also usually after an event such as this, you need to file for gas and electric and plumbing inspections with the city. Make sure all of this is done at correct stages.


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