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Dig Your Garden Landscape Design

@justwaiting, glad you found the article helpful, thanks for letting me know. I learned a lot during my research. All these fires here in CA are frightening. Stay safe!

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@hotzim: Don't fret - scientists are currently working on more chemical sprays for trees to help them be fire resistant. Of course, that doesn't help dead and piled up leaves and cut and dried grasses.

Of course, the current red fire retardants used a lot in Cali and elsewhere are toxic to fish and wildlife as well as people. Other types are also used on Christmas trees. Experiments have been going on for decades with more and more toxicity added to the wildlife, flora and earth. There are retardants for houses, too. Coat your house if you have a fire in your area.

Fire retardants are also added to fabric and mattresses and sofas in your home. Breathing that stuff can and will cause problems. I know.... BTDT and I am extremely careful what I buy and do lots of homework to make sure there are no fire retardant chemicals in my sheets, pillows, mattresses, sofa stuffings, wood furniture and the wood used in my house.

These are some beautiful junipers, pine and cedars on my land that I planted. They are all native.


Endangered Longleaf Pine about 6-8 years old... going to plant about 10 more. Did you know nature requires high temps aka fire to help many trees to reproduce naturally? Lightning helps here, too. And yeah, the Longleaf is fire resistant naturally without chemicals.

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Custom Decks Inc.

Thank you for the great information!


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