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Natasha Assa
Bach... As in Johan Sebastian Bach. All you need to lift the mood through sound. I never knew until I tried. Seriously!
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Shoshana Bloom

Mickasmom it is a good idea to live and let live . I personally do not have pets and when I did they did not sleep on beds or furniture or lick or kiss humans. But they were perfectly happy and lived as animals and not people.

As as for wind chimes. I have just gone to find mine and am going to hang them up. The string broke and I forgot to fix them

in the process of living kids shout, babies cry, birds sing, dogs bark and chimes ring out in the wind so neighbours be tolerant and live and let live

A wonderful article thank you.

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I clicked on this because of the Yorkie. I think the dog is exactly what would make me feel happy and peaceful, but still, beautiful article.

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