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Almost forgot an important point in my last post….
If you can determine which direction your dry wall was installed.. long edge horizontal or vertical [look for evidence of the tape lines or use a magnet to look for a double row of screws along the seams] … you should install any additional layer in the opposite arrangement.
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If you want a smooth finish, look up level 5 drywall finish. All you do is you end up rolling the drywall mud onto the wall with a paint roller and take off the excess. There are videos that can show you how to do this.

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I like the look of raw unpainted textured drywall... does it need to be painted? It seems like one could easily repair imperfections or stains down the road, by just slathering on more drywall. I do not see any posts about that idea, so thinking it has been tried and failed [I do know people leave lime plaster unpainted.] Thoughts?


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