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Without essential closet organizers and a streamlined storage system, your bedroom closet can become a messy, disorganized disaster no matter how carefully you fold your clothes or hang them. Luckily, there is a wide variety of closet systems, shelving, hanging organizers and bins to create a place for everything (and keep it there), so browse your options below!

What kind of closet organizer do I need?

Before you enter the orderly world of closet organization, take stock of the kinds of clothes you have. Different types of clothing will require different kinds of storage, and that will determine what and how many different types of closet organizers you will need. When combined together, these pieces create closet storage systems that will surely keep your clothes neat and tidy.
Sweaters are best folded to maintain their shape, therefore use a storage bin or closet drawers to keep them tidy. If you prefer, you can also utilize shelf dividers to keep sweater piles from spilling over, or keep them organized by color or style.
Tops and t-shirts are always best stored on hangers, especially since you’re more likely to wear them if you can see them. Some professional organizers recommend slim hangers to maximize space, while others swear by wood hangers.
Pants and skirts are stored best when they are hung up; this prevents creases from folds. To avoid indentations from hanger clips, fold them along the permanent crease that runs along the front of the leg and tuck in the front and back parts of the waistband. Then place the clips so they grab the inner part of the waistband.
Jeans are versatile — whether folded or hung up on a hanger with clips, it’s your choice when it comes to how you store your denim. Most people enjoy keeping like colors together, while others prefer to go by cut, style or even brand.
Hats, bags, scarves and tiescan easily be collected into bins or boxes and placed on closet shelves. Scarves can be folded and piled on a shelf and ties can be hung up on a specialty tie rack. If you have drawers, another option for ties or scarves is to purchase drawer dividers in a honeycomb pattern, roll each scarf or tie up, and slip them into the compartments.

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