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If you're looking to eliminate clutter and create a more streamlined living space, consider a popular home organization product: storage bins. Versatile and multifunctional, storage boxes double as both item receptacles and complementary decor pieces, available in a variety of materials, designs, colors and sizes. From crates to cubes to baskets to trunks, there is a stylish storage solution for every household!

Utilize storage bins in your home office.

With the large amount of clutter that can accumulate in a home office, it makes sense to implement a simple, catch-all system. That’s where decorative storage boxes come in. These organizational must-haves come in a variety of forms, materials, colors and designs that can energize and organize any workspace. A well-placed decorative basket can hold various odds and ends, while smaller, plastic storage bins are the ideal depository for pens, pencils, paper clips and other small office accessories. Utilize a desk organizer to keep your workspace neat, and stash your cords, plugs and all other electronic items you'll regularly need in accessible fabric storage cubes.

Clean up your closet with storage boxes.

With the assortment of clothes, shoes and just general stuff, closets are prone to mess and disarray. The solution to closet chaos? Storage bins! With the wide variety of stylish storage containers available, you can now color coordinate your closet just like you color coordinate your outfits. Invest in a matching storage box set with pieces that come in a variety of sizes — arrange accessories such as scarves, belts and gloves in a smaller container, and utilize the bigger units to house items such as hats, purses and clothes that are out of season. Arrange your boxes on a shelf or, if they are stackable storage bins with lids, arrange them according to size and weight. If your shelf is high up, consider adding labels or using clear storage bins so you can easily tell what’s inside. If you don’t have any available shelf space but do have some floor space, look into stackable storage cubes for fast organization; trunks and chests are also ideal solutions for stashing items like bulky clothes and old mementos.

Consolidate electronics with storage containers.

From extra phone chargers to unused power strips to rarely watched DVDs, electronics and their accessories can take up valuable shelf space and/or become a tangled mess in a drawer. Storage bins allow you to easily organize these items in a logical way and reclaim your shelf and drawer space. Neatly wrap cords up, label or color code them, and place them in a plastic tub or fabric drawer; invest in some DVD or CD slips, then organize them alphabetically in a classic wooden storage bin. Arrange these storage boxes in accessible but out of the way areas and voilà —you now have a cleared out drawer and/or more shelf space thanks to the organizational magic of the storage bin.

Customize your storage boxes.

There’s never a better time to break out the label maker than with organizational bins. If you have underbed storage, plastic storage bins or a set of nesting boxes, labeling is a great way to easily identify what’s inside. If you’re the crafty type, you can also decorate with colorful or patterned elements like washi tape, paint, markers, ribbons and more! There are a lot of different colors of bins to choose from, but gray storage bins and white storage bins are always popular options.