Vinyl Siding for Mansard Victorian? Or keep asbestos?

6 years ago
I'm trying to decide what to do with the asbestos siding on my house. Aside from a couple broken pieces, the asbestos siding should paint well, according to the painters I've spoken with. However, the siding also has these nails that are loose and slightly proud of the shingle. I wonder if these nails will look bad if I decide to just repaint.

Another option would be to encapsulate the asbestos in some kind of higher quality vinyl. I've look at the CertainTeed and Premium Pointe 360 websites, but I haven't seen any of these in person yet. I have seen some vinyl shakes on a neighbor's house that look incredibly realistic.

What would you do? Paint the asbestos? Encapsulate with vinyl?
Paint it. Painted asbestos will look great.
Paint it. Painted asbestos will look ok.
Vinyl siding with straight edges
Vinyl siding with cedar shakes/shingles

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