Exterior paint colors? Remove or paint brick?

6 years ago
We will be selling soon and want to paint our house (1960 Ranch). Need color suggestions. Currently main color is a Pittsburgh Paints Ostrich Feather.and is painted as it was when we bought it. It has board and batten pine siding (with 9" horizontal board across top of walls). Windows are white vinyl. There is really sloppy brick which a previous owner installed under the porch. We are considering painting the brick & mortar a solid color to help disguise the very uneven spacing of the bricks when you see them up close, or removing them. Some of it looks ok, then parts of it have much wider spacing between bricks with up to 2" between ends of some bricks and 1/2- almost an inch between rows. Looks ok from the road. Also the porch is settling and pulling the bricks apart in places. Used mortar matching caulk to fix once, but continues to separate, with horizontal cracks in spots. The original siding under the brick was removed, so could replace that to match rest of front of house. It did have vinyl shutters which were in bad shape, and had many wasp nests under them, so probably won't replace. Hilly woodsy neighborhood. Roofing is Owens Corning Oakridge "Driftwood". Considering using DutchBoy MaxBond or similiar paint.

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