Unusual fertilizers!

11 years ago

Sometimes it seems I don't have enough time to do all the things I want to do. I don't have a compost pile, but I would like to. I don't grow my tomato and pepper plants from seed, but I would like to. I guess I'm like most people who go to Lowes, Home Depot, or Walmart; and buy my seed, fertilizer, dirt, and plants (I can't believe I buy dirt).

When I was younger, I didn't buy that stuff because no one had it for sale in bags. I used to take my pickup to a local feedlot (where they fatten cattle for slaughter) and get a free load of cattle manure. That was the best lawn fertilizer I have ever used. I used it in my gardens and grew great vegetables. I have friends who go to the farms where they raise chickens commercially and they give the chicken manure mixed with sawdust away. They use that in their gardens and swear it is the best. Milwaukee used to distribute and sell a fertilizer named "milorganite". It was the dry solids removed from their anaerobic digesters at their sewage treatment plants. I don't know if they still sell it, but people have told me it was a great fertilizer. It was pretty expensive. I guess if I bought some, I would then have to say (I can't believe I buy s***).

I was simply wondering if you use any unusual products as fertilizer in your garden or are you like me and simply plan a trip to walmart tomorrow.


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