How 'bad' is wettable sulphur?

Normally, I use barely any pesticides on my garden - other than a bit of Bt & DE - BUT - awhile back I was having a horrible infestation of spider mites.They destroyed my Winter tomatoes & were all over my not-quite-1-year-old eggplant.

Well, I came across a bag of wettable sulphur @ HD - it sez 'for spider mites' on the front, so I bought it & applied it - mixed w/ water, according to directions. It really made a difference - my eggplant seems to be rebounding now - new leaves are mite-free & I recently harvested 1/2 dozen or so fruits (it's Louisiana Long Purple, BTW).

I finally looked up sulphur in my Rodale encyclopedia & it sez it is not a good choice(dang!), but it sez nothing about wettable sulphur mixed w/water.

Then I found mites had invaded my new tomato bed - which I started on the other side of the yard, thinking I could avoid them over there = (

So I sprayed the tomatoes this evening & wanted to know if it's really such a no-no to do that.Rodale sez sulphur harms beneficials, but I did not notice any significant decrease in the number of ladybugs & their larvae on or near the eggplant, after I sprayed - perhaps because there are plenty of other beneficial attractor plants around & amongst all my beds?Or perhaps because this was a wet application?

P.S. No beneficials evident on the tom.s.....

All thoughts welcome...


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