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Single or Dual line string trimmers?

9 years ago

Hi All! been awhile since I asked any silly questions. here's one!
I had a very nice Ryobi Electric string trimmer 25 years ago. I let too many people use it. it's in the string trimming harp playing yard Heaven tool in the sky.

here's my question: it was a dual string. I hated that. I simplified it 'FOR ME' any way by turning it into a single string bump feed trimmer, and it worked great. till I let too many idiots borrow it. now its gone.

if i buy a new el cheapo ( name your brand, but with at least 3.5 star reviews) can I once again turn new trimmer in to a single as opposed to a dual? the dual string trimmers have always knotted up inside the spool terribly, taking the joy and Nirvana out of of getting the bloody job over with.

any thoughts? thanks much!........Bill

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