First time pictures. It happened.

10 years ago

This is Xena from a first year cutting. She bloomed three times. Awesome for the first year, I think. All but one of my Brugs were from cuttings that I bought from Eddiedwyane last fall or from hybrid seeds from BGI.


My little greenhouse with some of my brugs before I cut them up. I had to keep them from freezing.


This is the last flowering of Kelly Ann. The earlier flushes were prettier but these flowers were larger.


This is my hodge podge back yard. It's not very organized but we like it.


This is my girls. They gave me thier first egg yesterday and one is in a nestbox now. I didn't think I could wait but we are there now.


I bought and traded a few cuttings from Kasha so I hope to have even more varieties to gave away next fall. I hope they don't freeze before I get them.


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