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Canarian update

12 years ago

Hi friends,

here a few pictures made on september:


Spondias pinnata, a very fast grower.

Jambul (S. cumini), also a very fast grower.

Musa cv. Lady Finger

Chirimoya. Because my brother made the pictures, I'm not sure about the cultivar. It should be 'Madeira', but my brother said, he made the picture from a Fino de Jete tree... hmmmm...

Anon (Annona sp.). I bought this one two years ago as an 'Anon'. In spanish that would be A. squamosa, but this doesn't look like A. squamosa at all! I think I will have to wait untill it flowers and fruits to find out what it could be...

Longan cv. Haew

Longan cv. Si Chompoo

Musa cv. Blue Java

Musa cv. Manzano

Tuna (Opuntia sp.)


Carambola cv. Sri Kembangan

Canistel cv. Bruce

Sweet Tamarind

Chirimoya cv. Fino de Jete. The irregular shape it due to the natural pollination, manual was not made. The yellow colour should be because of too much sun. Anyways, the fruit were very big and the quality excellent!

Chirimoya cv. fino de Jete

Green Sapote, two years old, after pruning.

Black Sapote. This grafted one is a slow grower. Maybe because it produces a lot?!


Manilkara discolor, an exotic from Africa, known as forest milk berry. I've never tasted it. Let's hope for the best ;-)

Wax Jambu from airlayer, in ground since last April. Is doing fine, like all my other Syzygiums..

Sapodilla, also from airlayer and planted last April. I will take away the shade cloth. I think it is ready for full sun...


Mamoncillo, the deffinition of a slow grower. I put this plant in gound last December. I put a shade protection, because I thought being a young plant... a friend told me that they love heat (don't need high humidity). Then probably, as a sapindacea, it is also a sun-junkie like litchi and longan. So i think that is the key.


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