Sani-Tred Basement Waterproofing

12 years ago

Does anyone have experience with Sani-Tred basement waterproofing products?

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  • dpcmgr

    My wife and I have used the basement waterproofing products on two homes we purchased. In both cases the sellers said they had never gotten any water since they had lived there which was several years. In the first house we found water coming into the basement the night we moved in. My wife found sani-tread online and we bought it immediately. I was ready to sue the sellers if this had not worked and to our complete amazement it worked exactly as it had been advertised. We lived there for 2 1/2 years and never had any water come in even with several very severe rain falls. Not one drop of water after applying the product. We just closed on our 2nd home in March 07 and the basement leaked within one month of moving in. We immediately called sani-tred and ordered the product again and to date we have had the same results as our first home. This product is the easiest, fastest and simplest way of fixing any water issues you may have and completely lives up to everything it says it can do online. Any questions you may have when you call you will find them courteous and very helpful.

  • tom_in_sc

    Thanks. Now tell me that you do not work for Sani-Tred :-)
    What part of the country are you in?

  • dpcmgr

    Sorry I sounded like a salesman but we too were very skeptical before we used it. It did work beyond our expectations thats why I get so excited when I tell people about it. The first house we had was in Illinois and we moved to Iowa in March of this year.

  • worthy

    There are a number of discussions of this product on-line, not all of which offer such glowing accolades.

    The only inside waterproofing I have used is Permaquik, a crystalline product, one of a number of similar capillary waterproofing materials. Before I used it on one house, on the exterior instead of dampproofing, I needed a letter from a P. Eng. and a municipal vetting of the product's ASTM test numbers.

    I'd feel more comfortable if Sani-Tred could provide the equivalent proof before I used it.

  • tom_in_sc

    Thank you. I have read the discussion at the Bob Vila site. That is why I am looking for people who have actually used the product.

  • baiedurfe

    I am also looking for people who have used this product. It sounds great and I am almost convinced it is great but it is lacking some independent testing or approval of international normes. Did you find information somewhere else? I am planning to finish my basement this summer and I would like very much to use Sani-tred if it behaves as stated on their site.

  • icarress_gmail_com

    This is the third time - in my research that a rave review is suspicious. The guy with the rave review is suspect in my book. I have been researching this product for a few days, and can't find many real-user reviews. Has anyone yet tried this stuff?? It's too expensive to just take a chance. However, if it works like it says, I would call it a miracle

  • armymom59923_hotmail_com

    i am also trying to find info on this product! sounds like a great product but how long has it been out there, and what is the life expectancy of this product? does it break down after 10 yrs?? does it last for 20 30 years? i live in montana and am on an old riverbed, so i have the high risk of water in real wet seasons. finishing my basement is a one time opportunity for me. if this stuff fails, and my basement floods and molds, im simply s o l.

  • kahtech_roadrunner_com

    BUYER BEWARE: SANITRED charges a 30% restocking fee for return products which have not been opened. Are the IDIOTS. Oh wait that's for the warehouse guy to take the "un-opened" product out of the box give it a once over and put it back on the shelf? Right off the bat 30% of the purchase price is gone and you have to return the product yourself so you could be in over your head. So your running cost to return is about 35-40% almost 1/2 of what you paid for. SANITRED is over rated and over priced

  • jdpga_yahoo_com

    I used it to seal a concrete cold joint problem between the pool and the decking. So far, so good. None of the professionals I contacted had heard of Sanitred. The moron I originally hired to resurface the pool and decking actually caused the problem by raising the water level and not sealing the cold joint between the pool and the decking. The higher water level needed to reach the skimmer resulted in water leaking out of the pool to the surrounding areas.

    While not the simplest products to use, if you're a DIY person, you can probably use Sanitred by carefully following the directions. It's probably easier to apply with a roller on a floor/pool surface, but I don't know for sure since I had to apply it upside down on a pool wall. Don't drip the Permaflex waterproofing coat on anything you want to keep. The TAV/LRB mixture thickens pretty fast so start with a small batch and mix thoroughly with a electric drill/mixture before applying. It will be difficult to clean the mixing bit so just expect to throw it away after mixing your many, many batches of TAV/LRB.

    It's not cheap and it's tough to estimate how much you'll need. You try not to overpurchase due to the restocking fee and mess created during application. The flexibility of the product is what I needed (concrete-based products would not expand/contract with the 2 slabs). Seems to be working fine. Well worth the extra cost.

  • bluesfan666_gmail_com

    I am about to bite the bigone and order enought to do complete basement. Does anyone know if you can start and stop with this.

  • desron1_comcast_net

    The directions are pretty clear that once you begin the 3 step process that you complete it on the same day. If you are planning to do your whole basement I would recommend you break the job up into several sections.
    I have done 10x10 foot areas - cinder block walls and concrete floors and the process took several hours, including prep and clean-up. I can't imagine one could do a whole basement in one day.

  • lolab

    We used this product, with unhappy results. It peeled within days of application. When we called the company, they told us we were supposed to acid wash the new concrete floor before applying. However, we had followed the application instructions to the letter, and the instructions did not mention acid washing. To which they replied "well, it's in the product spec sheet". Which the instructions also did not tell you to read.

  • thatgirl2478

    I've posted about this product before - I am not a Sanitred rep, nor do I have any stake in the product.

    We used it in 2 areas of our basement. If you do it correctly, it works really well. However, if you do things the way my husband likes to do them (making it up as you go along) you may not get the best results.

    Additionally, it's pretty difficult to apply - really really thick. If you have concrete block or even poured concrete that has some spalling - it's even more difficult.

    It's been over 2 years for one area of the basement and 1 year for the other area. We have not gotten water through either of those two areas. The areas next to those treated areas are a little more questionable... we should have treated more of the wall.

    As for prep, we had to take old paint off of one area. Used their 'off the wall coating remover' which worked really well and wasn't noxious. We haven't had peeling in any of the areas we used Sanitred on.

  • Steve Griffin

    This product is amazing! It does everything and more. Tech
    support was wonderful.

    I could not be happier with the results. Email me if you have any questions as how I
    solved the issues I were having

    Although I will say that this product is as great as they
    say it is a must to order the sample first.

    Trust me it is worth the experience. The installation is
    easy (The second time) LOL

    The only small issue with the product is possibly lack of
    info in one location.

    You must thin Permaflex first. Then add a hardner or activator.

    You need to acid etch concrete and neutralize

    Sand blast or use a grinder on old concrete if
    it was painted.

    If you don’t mix LRV/TRV with a drill it will
    never get thick like peanut butter. This is a must.

    With all of this being said I has some product left and
    installed it outside on an old concrete step ( without prep) and it worked just
    as well.

    It will defiantly stop a leak and is worth the money.

    So I spent like $360.00 to fix a 25 x 25 basement but others
    wanted $10,000.00 to bust up the slab and install drain lines and a pump. Don’t
    fall for the on top of the footing products!

    Sanitred is the bomb!

  • zouzzy

    I see this thread, so I thought I comment. I just got off the phone with the lady I talked to 2 years ago at Sani Tred to ask her a question and to tell her how this product absolutely saved us. I have a rental house in Seattle that we purchased in 2013 (after a lousy inspection obviously which did not reveal the basement dampness or leakiness). Even with a new French drain in the back half of the basement towards a hill, water started to coming up in various places. Bottom line I had to have the paint ground off and then my husband and I and our contractor set to work applying the product. We had to do the etch, neutralized with baking soda, and get that water out. Then we had to do the torching and the product mixing per instructions, which we read very carefully, and then apply. So two very rainy years later no leaks! Now I want to put down a better floor on top, vinyl or carpet. One floor specialist came and held some sort of meter over the floor and he said, oh your cement has 22 or 25% moisture and forget applying vinyl as too much moisture and too uneven. Then another guy came and said. I smell mustiness, so no carpet but you can install vinyl because it's waterproof and we can level it, but he had some question as to the leveling material sticking to the Sanitred. That's why I called. Apparently, if the stuff does not stick ( and we have not found that out yet), you have to mix part of the Sanitred product with sand and spread it around. Hope we do not have to do that. As to the meter, the Sanitred lady said her tech person doesn't understand how the meter could be reading the moisture content of the cement underneath. I'd like to know that too.

  • bunky5

    I tried my best, but my Sani-Tred project came out poorly. Instructions are confusing and incomplete. Product is very sensitive to temperature fluctiations. There is no satisfaction guarantee. $400 down the drain.

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