Safe to buy online??

11 years ago

I need to buy a Bosch dishwasher, a Sharp Microwave Drawer and a Wine Refrigerator. I looked online and found some good prices. The sites I found were abnd They were cheaper than the others, including us-appliances and ajmadison. Does anyone have anyexperience with either one? I don't want to make a mistake and order form a company that cannot be trusted.

Thanks for your help.

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  • Debbie Downer
    7 years ago

    Oh sure, you save a little bit of money - until you get a lemon and have to return it - then you're scrwed. The shipping fee back is far, far more than you might have saved on that purchase (and your previous 2 or 3 to boot!)

    Compactappliance. com is another shady outfit - I think a lot of them use similar tactics of running out the clock so you don't get your refund and its too late to file a chargeback with your credit card co. My experience with them included fake EBay messages (you can tell if it appears in your email but not in your EBay account) and all kinds of shenanigans. Luckily I got in my chargeback claim just in time. Just be sure to document everything and be aware of deadlines with filing complaints with paypal, credit card cos etc. and possible conflicts (eg you may not be able to file a complaint or investigation in one place if you have one in somewhere else.) Be aware that trying to get your refund will be your full time job for awhile.

    You just need one experience like that and suddenly Sears doesn't seem all that bad anymore!

  • jr1010
    7 years ago

    Appliancesconnection is a scam operation based out of Brooklyn. They have a professional looking website, but beware. They deliver damaged and used appliances even though they advertise them as new. Then they bully you into keeping them. They are committing fraud. That's why the prices are so low. They also post fake ratings and reviews and use search engine optimization techniques to make themselves seem legit. Please avoid them at all costs. If you have already purchased from them, I suggest contacting the NY attorney general.

    Here is a link that might be useful: Better Business Bureau 218 complaints

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  • Christexas
    7 years ago

    Appliancesconnection is the worst company I have ever dealt with online. I have been buying online since the late 90s. I have bought large items online before (vehicles, big screen tvs, etc.) and had mostly good experiences.

    i bought 3 appliances online from Appliancesconnection about 7 weeks ago. I still have not received them. I have been hung up on and lied to by their terrible customer service multiple times.

    Whatever you do, do NOT purchase anything from them. I would not buy from them again if they were offering ovens for 5 dollars. They're that bad. Huge mistake!

    I don't usually post reviews online but if I can help one person save the trouble I am going through it will be worth it.


  • plturne
    6 years ago

    I ordered a refrigerator, range, microwave and dishwasher from AppliancesConnection (AC) for my kitchen remodel. After researching I determined exactly what specific brand and models I wanted. I shopped the Internet thoroughly for the best price and found three retailers selling what I wanted much less than anyone else. I read all the reviews on these sellers I could find as I was concerned about customer service quality. I went with AC and hoped for the best. The entire experience was great. I love the way they open an online ticket when the order is placed and all correspondence is documented on that ticket. They were always very responsive. When I found a small dent on the side of the range top during installation I notified AC and they immediately arranged for a replacement top. The only potential issue you should be aware of is expect a somewhat lengthy delivery timeframe. My order took about two months from order to delivery. I'm sure this is due to AC consolidating orders with distributors/manufacturers in order to maximize savings. In my case well worth it as my cost was almost 40% off MSRP. Highly recommended if you have the time!

  • charon70
    6 years ago

    @plturne.....Wow!!!!! 40% off of MSRP. That is great! What brand of appliances? I am wondering if that would apply to high end brands like Wolf and Blue Star. Anyway, when I decided to purchase the Wolf all gas range, I preferred to purchase from a local retailer. There is something comforting about being able to drive a few minutes away to get help with an issue. I am concerned about good service. Buying online would cause me too much anxiety.

  • Debbie Downer
    6 years ago

    Charon and all, the local independent appliance stores that still are around have learned how to be competitive with the big boxes and, to some extent, with the internet - they compete by providing good service. You will pay more than the absolute lowest (but often deceptive) prices that you might see online..... but really, not all that much, and often quite in line with what you'll see online. There's one place I know of that has a good reputation that can order just about anything and deliver straight to your house - it has good prices because of the volume ( they sell a lot to builders and homeowners from this whole corner of the state).

    Isn't looking somebody in the eye and knowing your helping to support your local economy worth SOMETHING?

  • Rae Benedetto
    6 years ago

    BUYER BEWARE. If you buy major appliances online and you need warranty service, local dealers will not touch it if you didn't buy it from them. Independent service companies that will take the work are hard to find and they require preauthorization. Really research the company you are buying from, check the Better Business Bureau, RipoffReport, Yelp, etc. Don't trust all reviews either because companies have been known to buy good reviews.

    Check the company's refund policy . If you received a defective appliance that cannot be fixed -- would you want a new appliance from the same company? I don't and I don't want to pay return shipping ($100+) yet the company I ordered from doesn't seem to want to honor their 30-Day Return Policy re defective merchandise. And that company would be Appliances Connection.... I would never do it again.

  • jr1010
    6 years ago

    I just want to remind everybody that Appliancesconnection is still a scam "company". They knowingly ship damaged appliances. Check out the Better Business Bureau complaints. I have over $3000 worth of damaged appliances and there is nothing I can do about it now. AVOID!!!!

  • happytimeat5
    5 years ago

    I ordered a range , refrigerator and dishwasher from Appliance Connection in March of 2015. It took months to arrive and when it did the range was cracked and dented. My neighbor was there to receive it as I was at work. She refused the range due to the extensive damage. (We have pictures of the condition of range). Appliance Connection called and I was placed on a 3 way call between myself, my neighbor and Appliance Connection customer service. I was promised they had a local dealer that would exchange my damage range for a new one if I accepted the damaged range. I was to receive a new range the following Monday. What an idiot I was because what has ensued since is an endless nightmare of long hours waiting on the phone for customer service reps promising things that never happened. I opened a dispute with my credit card company. That got there attention! They promised if I dropped the dispute they would pick up the range and refund my money. This agreement was witnessed by my credit card company per a 3 way call. I dropped the dispute and after much begging more ridiculous time wasted on the phone they finally picked the range up. That was sometime in July. I called frequently for my refund and was told due to the dispute I had to wait 180 days!! I continued to call was treated rudely for months. Now 180 days are well over and Appliance Connection for 2 months has promised my refund is forthcoming. Never happened. They are now telling me it has been so long that the owner needs to decide what to do. This company has stolen over a thousand dollars from me.

  • Russ Barnard
    5 years ago

    Your credit card company should be refunding the money and let THEM dispute it. If they were on the phone, it is not your problem. They should have the call documented and be able to litigate it with zero issue.

    When buying online, get a quote emailed to you and then drive down to Lowes and have them price match it PLUS 10% off. No need to buy online.

  • Alex P.
    4 years ago

    BUYER BEWARE! Think you found a good price on an appliance
    from Appliances Connection? RUN THE
    OTHER WAY and buy your appliance from anyone other than these clowns. Despite their professional-looking web site,
    this is a shady, fly-by-night outfit that will try to deceive, cheat, and scam
    you at every turn. Whatever amount you
    think you will save, IT IS NOT WORTH IT.

    A cautionary tale
    with more detail than you need about the single worst consumer experience of my
    entire life:

    I purchased a $4,000
    range from Appliances Connection. The
    purchase included "In-Home White Glove" delivery. Appliances Connection’s own product page and
    delivery description stated that “White Glove Delivery” “includes delivery to
    the room of your choice,” that “the delivery men will unload, uncrate, unpack
    and deliver the product into your room of choice on the first floor,” and that “[t]here
    will be a $25 per floor charge for any item being delivered to past the first floor.” Appliances Connection’s terms for "In-Home
    White Glove" delivery did not define “first floor” and did not say anything
    about additional charges for stairs or steps leading to the first floor.

    The purchase also
    included "Professional Service Installation of Range." Appliances Connection’s description of this
    service stated that the “[i]nstaller installs new appliance according to the
    manufacturer’s specifications and to customer’s satisfaction.” I had a gas supply line specially installed
    in my kitchen for this specific range to match the manufacturer’s

    When the delivery
    men arrived, they (1) refused to deliver the range to my kitchen on the first
    floor of my home, and (2) refused to install the range because they did not
    have the necessary fitting. They told me
    they would deliver the range to my first floor only if I were to pay $500. I refused, and they left with the range.

    I attempted to
    resolve this with Appliances Connection and its shipping agent through a
    succession of phone calls and emails, to no avail. While my kitchen is on the “first floor” of
    my home, I nonetheless offered to pay an additional $25 or $50 for an additional
    one or two floors, per Appliances Connection’s own terms for “In-Home White
    Glove Delivery,” because there are 15 exterior steps and 6 foyer steps leading
    to the first floor. Appliances
    Connection refused, and instead made a series of changing and inconsistent demands,
    several of which it revoked before I could accept. Appliances Connection’s best demand still
    would have cost me $275 out of pocket to have the range delivered to my kitchen
    and installed.

    They quoted $29.99
    per 8 stairs, then $25 per 7 stairs, then refused to deliver for any
    price. At one point – and this is my
    favorite – they claimed that a “floor” equals just 7 stairs. Well, the maximum stair height permitted by
    code is 7.5 inches. Multiply that by 7
    steps and you get 52.5 inches, or 4 feet, 4.5 inches. What are we talking about, hobbit
    floors? It is painfully apparent that
    they were just making stuff up to try to rip me off.

    When I spoke with Appliances
    Connection’s shipping agent, I was informed that my problem is all too common –
    that retailers often offer free or low-cost delivery, then try to shift the
    cost to the consumer when they later learn how much the shipping agent will
    charge them for it.

    Ultimately, I
    spoke with an Appliances Connection customer service representative who
    promised a full refund, told me it would take 4-5 days to process, and asked me
    to wait 3 days before disputing the transaction with my credit card company. Later that day, Appliances Connection credited
    me just $3,250 keeping $750 of my money.
    I never agreed to or authorized this partial refund, nor would I have – it
    is even worse than most of the inadequate demands that Appliances Connection made
    during my efforts at resolution.

    Connection refused to deliver and install the range per the terms of our
    purchase agreement – even when I offered to pay an additional $25 or $50
    per-floor charge. I paid $3,999 for a
    range with “White Glove” delivery and “Professional Installation.” I got neither range nor delivery nor

    I cannot begin to
    describe how frustrating and exasperating Appliances Connection’s response was
    to this. Endless hold times, wildly
    inconsistent demands from different customer service agents, making up new
    terms and conditions out of thin air, blaming me for not telling them about any
    steps when their own website said nothing about steps, claiming that it’s all
    my fault because I’m supposed to know as much about the appliance shipping
    industry as they do, etc. Not to mention
    the astonishing rudeness and deceit – their reps yelled at me and flat-out lied
    to me.

    This, friends, is
    a terrible awful shady business. Stay

  • Russ Barnard
    4 years ago

    We had a local place match the online price and got it through them, so no worries.


  • friedajune
    4 years ago
    last modified: 4 years ago

    I agree with what Russ Barnard said, or use ABT appliances if buying online. You won't get the very lowest price, but they are tops in customer satisfaction. If you call ABT on the phone about an appliance you see online, they likely are willing to negotiate a bit.

  • ladybreck
    4 years ago

    Goedeckers was good as far as shipping and customers service for buying appliances online.

  • Vernon Blevins
    4 years ago

    DON'T DO BUSINESS WITH APPLIANCES CONNECTION! Too many reasons to get into but their website states the items are "in stock and ready for delivery"... they in fact are not! Took over a month just to get a delivery date on furniture. The day they were supposed to deliver, the driver got sick and wanted to reschedule the following week. I cancelled the order. They refunded some of my money but still charged me almost $300.00 for shipping and "restocking fees" for something that was not my fault in any way!

  • PRO
    Appliances Connection
    4 years ago

    We are an authorized dealer of ever brand we carry and we
    strive to provide excellent service. Customer dissatisfaction is not the norm
    for us and we apologize for and aim to correct all negative experiences that
    may occur. We do not ship used or damaged items purposefully. That is not how
    we conduct our business and we apologize for this uncommon inconvenience. Please
    feel free to directly message us if you are still looking for help with a
    product or are I need of a solution. We are always willing to help and try to
    offer a positive customer experience.

  • Alex P.
    4 years ago

    Appliances Connection's response is full of falsehoods. Judging by reviews here and elsewhere, customer dissatisfaction is very much the "norm" at Appliances Connection relative to other retailers. When they ripped me off, they neither "apologize[d]" nor "aim[ed] to correct" my "negative experience." As detailed above, they stole $750 from me for "re-stocking fees" when they refused to deliver a range as agreed. I had to dispute the charge with my credit card company. After a 3-month investigation that examined, among other things, my voluminous communications with Appliances Connection's awful customer service personnel, my credit card company determined that the $750 charge was unauthorized, if not fraudulent, and reversed the charge. Appliances Connection fought it tooth and nail. This is not a business that "apologize[s] for and aim[s] to correct all negative experiences. That is not a business that is "always willing to help and try to offer a positive customer experience." That is a bunch of crooks that you should stay far, far away from.

  • jr1010
    4 years ago

    I agree with Alex. Appliancesconnection purposely shipped me $3000 worth of damaged appliances. When I contacted customer service, I was yelled at and berated. When I filed a credit card dispute, they lied and submitted falsified documents to American Express. The reason the prices are lower is because they purchase damaged goods from the manufacturers. They are truly a scam operation out of Brooklyn posing as a legit company. They hire young impressionable adults to create this great social media image, but behind it all, it's just another Brooklyn camera store scam repackaged for 2017. They are associated with 1stopcamera.

  • Vi
    4 years ago

    Yesterday I ordered an appliance from AC. After completing the order I received an email asking me to sign a form concerning my credit card, and asking for a copy of the front and back of my credit card. I am suppose to email or fax this form. I have ordered many things online and have never been asked for my signature and a copy of my credit card. This made me suspicious of identity theft so I did not send the form. If someone has my signature and security code they could order anything using my info. Is this a scam??

  • plllog
    4 years ago
    last modified: 4 years ago

    Given the preceding, it could be. It's interesting about the connection to a camera store. There are a couple of those camera stores that are known to be legit--I even had one I had occasionally dealt with call to confirm an online order shipping to a different state, thereby catching a credit card scammer. It's also been known for decades that many of them are totally shady or downright thieves.

    I recently bought an appliance for relatives from Universal-AKB in the L.A. area, but ended up using their phone sales rather than the (national) website because the folks were in their store delivery range and that meant they'd bring it inside. They sent a PDF of paperwork by e-mail that wanted a signature, but it was part of the Adobe signed form package and was just a pen font, rather than the kind of legal documents where you paste in your real signature. They ran my card and didn't require images of it [ETA--I don't remember them asking for images of it, but then remembered one could use one's phone and if I did that, rather than the scanner, I might not remember]. The images probably don't matter. They prove that the physical card is in your possession, not just the numbers, but I've never heard of online stores doing this. You can't order anything without giving them the info on your card, and few check signatures anymore. I'm rarely asked for ID at stores. Recently, I was out without a purse and I wanted to pick up a few groceries and was asked, "Okay, but do I have to trail around the store with you?" by the man with the credit cards. I said no, he could sit in the car and listen to the game. Sure enough, nobody knew or cared whose name was on the card.

    You're right to protect your info, but every time you sign a receipt you give people your card number and signature. A bit less so if you sign a screen on the machine, which never looks like anyone's signature anyway. The best way to prevent credit card fraud is to be vigilant, as you're doing. I don't think it was the procedures that were the problem in this case, but the heebiejeebies weren't misplaced if the prior posts are to be believed.

  • Arianne Fronteras
    4 years ago

    Me i always read reviews first before i purchase on their store online.

  • evantg
    2 years ago

    Reviving an old thread to vent a little., I just had to deal with Appliance Connection Customer Service team, they wanted to charge me to replace something that arrived damaged. Not worth saving the tax and have to deal with all the hassle.

    Thank God I only bought 1 appliance there. I'll just go to the local Ferguson or Best Buy to buy the rest.

  • Russ Barnard
    2 years ago

    I used them for price matching....nothing else. Buying from some place that only knows you from your email address is like buying lunch at a gas station.

  • evantg
    2 years ago

    Yeah, I have been spoiled by the likes of Amazon, Home Depot, Lowe's, etc where you can replace damaged items bought online no questions asked. My experience here has been the opposite.

  • Debbie Downer
    2 years ago

    I see that compact appliance dot com is still inexplicably in business - still with horrible reviews plastered all over the internet. Why on earth would ANYONE buy from such an outfit when there is such overwhelming evidence that they are major scamsters.

    The trick used on me was promising a refund that never seemed to happen -- along with pretending their computer system was screwed up and sending me another refrigerator that I didn't order and didn't want. These emails telling me this other refrigerator (that I didn't order) was being shipped were fake ebay messages - I could tell by the fact that these messages were only sent to my gmail account in box, they didn't exist in my ebay account mailbox.

    This all was to create confusion to try to run out the clock so I couldn't get my refund or file a dispute with my credit card co. Ive actually seen reviews where this very same nonsense was pulled on someone else. Luckily I was aware of the deadline so got my dispute claim filed with my credit card co. in the nick of time. Otherwise I would have been screwed - all in all, the weirdest transaction Ive ever experienced in my life.

    Oh then somehow right in the middle of all that, my ebay account got terminated which I didn't request. By then I really didn't care - Im so done with ebay anyway - they proved totally ineffectual in resolving any of this mess.

  • Monika Agic
    2 years ago

    Appliances connection sent me a lot of damaged dented Appliances. Please check BBB before buying from them. I did not check them and it’s a very unethical incompetent company. They have excessive complaints record and positive reviews are probably written by their own marketing group.

  • Vi
    2 years ago

    I previously wrote about Appliance connection asking for too much ID. Well they accepted my order without it, and sent me my Summit oven. The oven is damaged with a large dent on the side. They gave me a small rebate for the damage. It is a gas over so I hope it does not leak. I think they do sell dent and scratch items, but they do not tell you that.

  • greenmetro9394
    2 years ago

    Count me among those who had a bad experience: a strangely damaged/dented (previously installed?) ventilation hood that they wouldn't make good on once their 30 day return window expired. Expect to take your problems up with the manufacturer, so it's probably not worth the modest savings you get going with a cut-rate online appliances retailer if something happens to go wrong.

    I have about ten photos showing at least a half dozen different problems with my "new" hood, but the good folks at Appliances Connection were unmoved. Here are a couple of winners:

  • Debbie Downer
    2 years ago
    last modified: 2 years ago

    Welcome to totally unregulated lassez faire capitalism, folks! be careful what you wish for....

  • Diana Chen
    2 years ago

    Appliances Connection essentially scammed us out of hundreds of dollars. We were charged but received no services or product. We ordered a washer & dryer set to be delivered to our apartment but they called last minute to reschedule delivery dates 4-5 times. Each time the driver was “on their way” but would not be able to deliver and install the product. We had paid extra for installation. Each time we called to reschedule we asked them to make sure someone could install it and we were told that issue was corrected. It never was and it appeared they were never going to be able to make delivery. We canceled the order after we could no longer repeatedly take time off work to be home for no delivery. We were still charged “shipping costs” with no proof that anything ever shipped. This company is at best incompetent, and likely dishonest. 0/10 do not recommend.

  • Debbie Downer
    2 years ago
    last modified: 2 years ago

    This seems to be common practice - to run out the clock in various creative ways so that you miss the deadline for filing for a chargeback with your credit card company. Anyone foolish enough to buy from these shady outfits (you have been warned!!!) ought to be aware of those deadlines and be sure to get your complaint filed in time.

    ETA: Diana have you checked with your state govt - consumer protection office. At least here in my state, they are the entity which enforces laws re: consumer protection, environmental regs, etc. so they do have some legal clout .... unlike say the Better Busines Bureau or posting a Yelp review.

  • M
    2 years ago

    That's when you contact your credit card company. If that doesn't help, you take them to court

  • Debbie Downer
    2 years ago

    Or file complaint with your state consumer protection office - an entity which has authority to enforce consumer protection laws. At least that's what we have here in WI.

    Diana- yours sounds like typical game they play of trying to run out the clock before you file for a chargeback with your credit card company. Exactly what happened to me - except I filed in the nick of time.

    Most cards have time limits for filing complaints. Something to be aware of of anyone reading this is foolish enough to go ahead and purchase from any of these shady outfits - you have been warned!

  • M
    2 years ago

    The merchant agreement typically doesn't allow the vendor to charge your credit card more than 30 days before delivery. So, if you're approaching 30 days, even if the merchant told you to expect delays, simply file a dispute. If the merchant legitimately has a valid delay, they can always as you to pay them when they're ready for you.

  • Catherine Riddle
    last year

    The absolute worst customer service and online experience of my life. BUYER BEWARE. When I purchased the item the website on 4/24/20 it said it would deliver between 4/29/20 - 5/1/20. When I hadn't heard anything about it in 3 days I called and I was told the status would update in 24 hours, it never did. When I called the next day they said it was getting ready to ship the next day 4/29/20 and I would get it in 7-10 days, I said that's not what the website said and when I pointed that out the representative got extremely rude and basically said take it or leave it. At this point I was stuck and I told that to the lady She asked me if I wanted to cancel I said no, I asked to speak to a superior she said she was a supervisor. I said I wanted what the website promised and told them I would be making a complaint about it and hung up. No sooner than I made a complaint online, my order was cancelled. When I called back to ask why the next rep said because I threatened to complain they cancelled my order. Completely unprofessional and and a true testimate on how they view customers and customer service. Their online ordering has inconsistent information, they are rude and I believe trying to defraud the public. Don't waste your time

  • HU-656870358
    last year

    They sent a $3000 bedroom suite that was broken and marred, but they would not take it back because I had not opened the boxes in front of the delivery drivers. Well, the drivers took off after two minutes of unloading the furniture, so how could I? Then they refused to let me return the furniture until I had been arguing with four different managers for over three weeks. To add injury on top of insult, they charged me almost $500 to take their broken garbage back!

    Do NOT do business with Appliances Connection. They will not stand by their products. Pay a little more, go somewhere, anywhere else

  • M
    last year

    That's when you take them to court. I would absolutely not eat those $500 for a mistake that they made. And from the sounds of it, that type of "mistake" is just part of the business model. Of course, one of the other problems with ordering online is that it is much harder to successfully sue. Easy to take a local dealer to small claims. Much harder to do so, if they are across the country.

  • PRO
    Copper Creek Distributors
    last year

    Absolutely the worst customer service…

    Absolutely the worst customer service of any company ever. From day one they lied as to when I’d get my appliances. I was told five days. It was almost a month. Then when they arrived the delivery company refused to inbox as is their policy. Left trash from his truck on my lawn and said I had until Monday to claim any damages since it was Saturday. Subsequently, we had to unbox everything only to discover both the range and refrigerator are damaged. Called in to report and was told, we will give you $75.00 off. So my brand new refrigerator has multiple dents and the inside plastic is cracked. They refuse to replace it. Refuse to do anything about it as they say it had to be noted at time or delivery. Except delivery company refused to wait, refused to unbox and stated we had until Monday to claim any damages. This company is crooked, unethical and truly has the worst customer service I’ve ever experienced. Do yourself a favor and don’t buy anything from them ever. I’ve disputed the charges with my credit card company as this is not what I purchased. I never purchased damaged appliances.

  • Mary-Jo Perez
    last year

    We bought an outdoor commercial kegerator for our new outdoor kitchen, and it has not been able to cool under 45 degrees (our cheap $400 indoor cools to 30 degrees but our $1600 commercial fridge has not been able to chill) We have called summit, they reply that it's within the acceptable temperature range (apparently they dont like COLD beer)...It's been 1 year that we have been shuffled back and forth from Summit to the actual Seller: Appliance Connection. Now that its been a year, the seller says it is Summit's warranty that kicks in, even though this has been going on since day 1. Both of these companies rely on the shuffling blame back and forth with neither doing anything. We asked Appliance Connection to replace unit since day 1. They sent out a repairman once that fixed a thermostat and tubing, and absolutely agreed that it should be cooler. Appliance Connection asked that we get a certified review by a Specialist to say it was not cooling properly. We called several people/plumbers/repairman, but they have no idea what the company wants from them, and they want $200 to come out and give us a written opinion, which they were unwilling to pay for. DO NOT BUY A KEGERATOR FROM EITHER OF THESE COMPANIES!!!!!!

  • Paul Lobaugh
    last year

    WORTHLESS COMPANY THAT DESERVES NOTHING BUT NEGATIVE STARS! Do NOT bother to order through them! Not only did they delay my order with excuses for 4 months, they also sent a defective product! I have contacted them regarding a return or refund, and they again are only providing excuses. They are obviously not interested in satisfying their customers! I will be demanding a refund through my credit card company as they are failing to rectify anything on their end.

  • kamran kalani
    11 months ago

    They have no customer service

    they had me running arround in circles trying to return an new fridge and did not take it back

    i spent 3 hours on hold over 3 calls and being cut off and not called back

    do not use this company

  • Bryan Pino
    11 months ago

    Terrible customer service, I bought a $2k couch WITH warranty and when I took it out of the box one of the seats came with no legs to adjust height to balance it so it went up and down like a see saw (my 3 year old plays with it) then the arm came off that same chair.

    I reported it in June, bought in May. Neither warranty nor retailer - Appliance connection has done anything to resolve the issue. I sent pictures, a guy came out then they have the audacity to say find a local place to fix it and send us the invoice. WERE IN THE MIDDLE OF A PANDEMIC NOR DO I HAVE A TRUCK AND IM DISABLED.

    I mentioned all of this and to please just send a new unit because I am not going out to do that, still going back and forth they respond every 2-3 weeks when they feel like it and I have to constantly follow up. ana.b@ and elizabeth@ are terrible customer service – I work at one of the best customer service organizations in any industry so I have a high bar to meet but regardless the going back and forth with ME following up was not appreciate AT ALL.

    Ana mentioned unit cost $300 so ill have to come out of pocket another $300 on top of the $2k that I just spend on a “NEW “ couch then she offered a discount of $150 and NOW she came with you have a 5 year warranty call them. – Simply that, no explanation no nothing. I wish I could attach the thread to show you how much back and forth we’ve been going since June.

    It just boggles my mind how terrible people could be this will not be the last hear from me. I will be leaving reviews all over their site, calling higher up management and more.

    Only leaving 1 star because it requires me too, I really wanted to order more things from their site but they definitely lost a customer and will lose more after I leave this review on EVERYTHING.

  • Edward Knapp
    7 months ago

    Appliance Connection....

    Had to give one star, cant give zero.
    I suspect from other reviews theres alot of damaged merchandise delivered. They are a broker and had a 3rd party deliver a frame damaged range oven, without following directions to contact me for tenant delivery. Tenants accepted it packaged, without authority, 10 minutes later i got there and frame was badly bent, called immediately, and was refused pick up. Since they removed the old range, wouldn’t come back, had to install the new one. Then AC sent me a form saying i had to pay for return, AND it couldn’t be used! Suuure!!! I spent time proving frame was bent, and weeks negotiating. They offered $150 with no additional responsibility. Had to take it because i was forced into it; these guys do NOT back up their products. Now i have to remove it and take a chance on time, energy and risk to hopefully repair it. a real mess. DO NOT USE this company! Home Depot, Lowes, RC Willey or your neighborhood dealer would have fixed or replaced in a minute! Instead, i got hardball tactics, a return agreement with onerous terms nobody else in the industry would dare inflict, tenant problems, delivery problems, a bent range, and an ongoing headache. In 40 years of real estate, never dealt with such a consumer tone deaf company. Goodby and may we never cross paths again. There are a ton of better companies to do business with, these guys are nothing but a headache; disaster waiting to happen, and probably damaged merchandise u can’t possibly resolve!
    Oh, and btw, read what alerts Better Business Bureau has on these guys too!
    Ed in Boulder City NV

  • Meng Ni
    5 months ago

    I will never order from ApplicanceConnection again. Bad experience. A few problems:

    1. They didn't refund as they promised. I ordered five appliances for my new kitchen and the total price dropped by $890 right after the order and before any appliance was shipped. They were reluctant do price match so I compromised to agree to have a refund of $500. After two months I haven't received the refund yet. Sent 6 emails and called them 3 times. The sales person didn't keep the promise and didn't reply to my email anymore.

    2. After I received items, my $10K built-in fridge was missing parts and the control panel of microwave was bent, which blocked my entire remodeling project. Their customer service had no idea about the products and responded to my ticket very slowly. Eventually I had to directly worked with the manufacturer myself to get it resolved.

    3. The price tag on their website is misleading. They make it look like that every item is on sale but it wasn't. They simply raised the original price and their "discounted price" is actually the original price.

  • HU-408233319
    5 months ago

    Don't buy from Appliances Connection. It was a really bad experience for us!

  • jenpanko
    4 months ago

    I am sure they are a fine company if you are sent a working product and don't need to deal with them beyond a few clicks to purchase on their website. BUT if you have any issues with your product, forget about it. They have a complicated, lethargic, unprofessional communication chain for their customer service. They will promise a resolution, keep you waiting for months (yes, months) and then ultimately tell you that YOU (on your dime) can send back the faulty appliance they sent out if you want a working one.

    I was sent a dryer that not only had physical damage on its side (dented side that rubs on drum) but also has some computer board issue where it shuts off up to 30 times in 1 dryer cycle. I contacted them right away, sent all sorts of documentation and created a "case". Now I have spent months chasing them, trying to get them to take care of me. I have ordered dozens of appliances online for different remodel projects and I have never had such a terrible experience.

    Right now, with the appliance shortage, crap products are being sent out-- ask any local appliance dealer on their experience. Your chance of having to deal with Appliances Connection's customer service is HIGH and it is not good.

    I wish I would have seen all of the above reviews on Houzz before I ordered. This company culls real reviews out and buys fake good ones. AVOID if you can!!

  • David Desso
    last month

    Same experience. Received a damaged unit. restocking fees, shipping back, wasted hours. I will lose close to $1000 while customer service slowly replies from the Jersey Shore

  • Nicole Peterson
    last month

    I ordered a dishwasher through Appliances Connection on 7/5/2021, and paid $149.99 for professional installation, as offered at the time of the order. AM Home Delivery delivered the dishwasher to my home on 8/6/2021, but refused to install the dishwasher. The delivery team said that they never install dishwashers. They also said that they deliver appliances for Appliances Connection every day. How can it be that Appliances Connection did not know AM Home Delivery would not provide the professional installation services that they charged me for? I am now unable to get a refund from Appliances Connection, until AM Home Delivery confirms that they did not install the dishwasher. AM Home Delivery has been unresponsive to my communication so far.

  • M
    last month

    Call your credit card company. Internal contract negotiations between the vendor and their subs isn't your problem to