Gas heater running = high electric bill?

10 years ago


Does using a gas furnace (Trane XE 80) to heat the house increase the electricity usage substantially? Is the fan using a lot of power?

Our electric bill has essentially doubled in the past two months (vs. the previous months). We have not added any crazy appliances/toys/electronics in the past two months that would consume large amounts of power.

One thing we have been using is the heater (the gas portion of the bill has doubled as well.)

I'm in CA using PG&E as our utility. They offer the ability to monitor your electricity usage. However, it is not real time (usually delayed by 24-hours so I can't plug/unplug/turn-on/turn-off stuff)

One thing I did notice is that the power usage seems to go up in the AM (when we get up), and up again when we get home in the evening from work. Peaks at around 11pm-12am (going to bed) and then goes back down.

I do turn down the thermostat before bed. So I'm thinking it might be the heater.

Is this normal? This seems crazy to me!


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