Do you have Insinkerator Cover Control disposal?

10 years ago

I thought I posted this hours ago, but as far as I can see it's not in the forum, so apologies if this turns out to be a duplicate.

We have two kitchens in our remodel, one in the main house and one in a small rental unit. We were planning to install Insinkerator Evolution Essentials garbage disposals with air switches (metal buttons that are installed on the countertop instead of the old "light-switch" style switches) in both units; in fact, we have already bought one.

But I just became aware of a different type of garbage disposal that is called a "cover control." It doesn't have any kind of an external switch. Instead, for safety, it only turns on when you put its cover on and twist it closed. This idea appeals to me for safety, even though no children are likely to be living in either unit.

If you've used this cover control type of garbage disposal, do you see any downside to it? I'd like to hear about any experiences. Thanks.

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